Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How Thanet Labour could resolve de selection dispute

imageI read over the weekend, Chairman of South Thanet Labour party Alan Poole's, response to recent allegations by Mark Nottingham, in his letter published in last Friday's Gazette. Surprisingly rather than taking, a neutral stance, Cllr Poole's, letter seems to be in line with what Mark's reacted to.

Alan Poole is claiming to be investigating complaints about Cllr Mark Nottingham, although for some reason he simply dismisses claims made by Nottingham that events around his de-selection, where not as open as one might expect.image

It really is quite simple for Cllr Poole to resolve this issue and save Clive Hart from resignation, just publishing evidence from Labour party investigations proving Cllr Nottingham wrong.

Local Labour led by Cllr Clive Hart seems to do just about everything it can to alienate its traditional voters, it seems under Hart, traditional goals like provision of social housing or encouraging investment and jobs no longer concern Labour, since he and his front bench have spoken against.

Labour have scoured a succession of own goals fought social housing, attacked inward investment, improved infrastructure and job creation, the latest own goal and best is Clive Hart offering to resign if certain criteria are not met and then apparently going back on his word.

If Clive Hart does not resign, in the May council elections who is going to believe any election promises from Labour. Simply put how can you trust a Leader who cannot stand by his commitments.


  1. Clive Hart can't bear to lose the several thousand pounds a year he receives as Leader.

  2. Cllr Hart never really intended to resign. It was all for show and effect to try and bully Cllr Nottingham out of the local party.

  3. To quote your previous post Tony, Yes 'bewildered Labour party members are asking what sort of strategy or thinking Clive Hart is following for the May council elections by dropping one of his teams stronger and more able members.'
    Not only 'stronger and more able' but also more honest and open which is what the party desperately needs with the upcoming elections.

  4. how come Kay Dark seem to have such a hold over Clive Hart?

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  6. If he had been telling lies then those libelled would have taken him to court. Not all of them but if he was such a persistent teller of untruths then one of his targets would have found the wherewithall to sue him.

  7. They are all in it for the money

    Amongst the select few professions that prosper

    politicians/lawyers, bankers,councillors/council executives, social workers, foster carers, all benefit whilst every other profession continues to suffer


  8. Anon 11.09
    I too would like to know what hold Kay Dark has over Clive.

    This selection problem could very easily be cleared up:

    Clive wrote a false favourable report on Kay Dark. Why?
    Kay Dark lied at her selection meeting which gives grounds for her removal.
    The Local Government Committee could examine ALL the evidence and overturn the previous decision.

    Removing Kay would enable Mark to take her place as the third candidate
    Problem solved

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  10. Anon 7:26. we all would like to know. On Tony's council meeting comments post (Feb 24th) someone posted...
    'I heard rumour that Clive's fuse has been well and truly ignited in the past. A short fuse rather than damp squib from what I gather...'

    Maybe Ms Dark knows something we don't. But of course the internet is a small world so it'll come out anyway...

  11. Surely you are mistaken, the local labour leader has, I quote from the man himself, 'an unblemished record'. Or at least he supposedly had until he failed to honour his pledge to resign.

  12. I see all the big, grown up people are back to their favourite pastime; squabbling about party politics.

    Did it never dawn on any of you mature, connoisseurs of politics that it is the system that is at fault, regardless of who sits in the chair?


  13. Whichever way you look at it, The entire spectrum of Politics and local government are no more than an utter disgrace in Thanet.
    Not one single person can hold their head up as an honourable, HONEST, community minded individual. Instead we have a half wit collection of dishonest, self serving mindless wannabees that honestly think they are intelligent enough to make a difference.
    The only difference that they have made is so evident in the rapid and seemingly endless decline of Thanet as a whole.
    They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, but then that would take some sort of Humility which they do not posses.

  14. Lest I be accused of hypocrisy, I shall say nothing but just sit back and enjoy this never ending saga.

  15. See 12:10 is trying the divertionary tactic of implying that all politicians are the same. Whatever truth there may be in that statement does not change the fact that for the moment in Thanet, with local elections in May, the Labour leadership are being devious, failing to honour pledges, rubbishing one of their own without substantiating the alleged charges and showing that they are utterly rudderless.

  16. 07:26

    That is such an easy solution. And it would silence a lot of critics.

    The local labour leadership has had so much time to produce its 'evidence' and put this matter to bed.
    They haven't because they can't (produce evidence)
    Or should that be,
    They can't because they haven't (got evidence)

    If they had 'thoroughly investigated' matters then they would have quickly produced the proof to shut up the opposing views weeks ago. I can just see Clive's gang beavering away on their PC's trying to cobble something together now but its too late to be credible.

    The need to either put matters right or stand down and give the party a chance with the upcoming elections. The media is about to have a field day and so are the Conservatives.

  17. Interesting that over on One End of Kent, Mark Nottingham is still trying to promote the Labour cause whilst its leadership are doing nothing but rubbish him. You really would think, with the Conservative campaign up and running, Cllr Poole would have more to do than write letters in the local paper slagging off a fellow labour councillor.

    See he alleges a previous letter writer is an in-law of Mark. So what, isn't Poole a chum of Hart and Dark. It is all very one sided and consists of totally unsubstantiated allegations.

    It certainly appears that they don't actually have anyone bright enough to cobble together a case, so how do they think they are going to inspire anyone to vote for them.

  18. Exactly, you would think they would want someone bright and able in their group.

    The move against Cllr Nottingham appears to have been sudden and dramatic as they turned on him to protect Kay Dark's 'reputation' even though I notice in all this that no-one has disputed her as being somewhat ineffective as a councillor. Who would like to stand up from the Labour group and tell us how hard working she is?

    Will we be looking back at this a couple of years down the line with Ms Dark as 'Mrs Hart version 3' I wonder?

  19. Bluenote, you hypocrite!

  20. I applaud Bluenote,

    Local conservatives have been warned to keep off these posts and not stir up. It is in their interest to keep Clive as the opposition leader.

    And only a few Local labour who are not part of Harts group dare post.

  21. Anon 6:27, surely I must be allowed to enjoy something with England's cricketers being such a shambles at the World Cup. Let's hope the rugby is better.

    Anon 7:26 thanks for the applause but I really did not appreciate I was offending central office instructions. Guess I better suitably grovel!

  22. As I understand it, one of the central alleagations against Ms Dark is that she rarely attended Ward meetings. Now presumably these were not party political meetings and therefore the minutes of these meetings should be freely available. A simple way to put the lie to rest (and note I didn't specify whose lie) would be to look at those minutes for the last few years and see how often she did attend. If she was unable to attend because of work commitments then maybe she should reconsider whether she is fit to be a representative for her ward.

  23. Andrew
    The minutes of the meetings between police and residents in Northwood with councillors present are available on Mark Nottingham’s website listed here. They show Mark Nottingham and the other Northwood councillor Liz Green regularly attending and getting involved in all that a good councillor should do in their ward. There are Conservatives present but no sight or mention of Kay Dark. She doesn’t even give apologies.





    Mark Nottingham has further press coverage of his work on parks







    and if you google him and Northwood there are lots of entries.

    Google “Kay Dark” and Northwood and I couldn’t find a thing in the top 50 entries showing her doing anything for local residents.

    What message does that send out from Thanet Labour Party?

    Mark Nottingham supporter

  24. I understand its the same story for any meetings in the 3.5 years prior to the re selection meeting
    Evidence is available to prove this which is why Cllr Hart's buddies are keeping quiet
    Other councillors will tell you its the same story for the 7.5 years prior to the re selection meeting.

  25. How the heck is Ms Dark keeping out of the firing line? No other organisation would have tolerated such behaviour.

    I'm gobsmacked by it all.

    Cannot type what I really think of the local labour party or my post would no doubt be deleted by blog administrator!

  26. She is concealed behind/under her leader to him she gives...er...her unstinting support!

  27. Ah now it is much clearer... Local labour think the residents of Northwood are fools who will be quite happy to vote for a councillor who is totally useless and does nothing but attend the 'official meetings' to collect her £4k per annum

  28. Well if she had any sense she'd stand down quick before the s**t hits the fan 'cos she's gonna be right in the firing line

  29. Not sure about that 'unstinting support Anon 12:25. Sounds like a pair of crutches to me. Although the concealment aspect made me bizarrely think of the goings on behind a Punch and Judy show. Is Ms Dark after Mr Punch's sausages I wonder?

    Someone certainly appears to be pulling Harts strings.

  30. "How Thanet Labour could resolve de selection dispute"...

    Hart resign, Poole stand down, Fenner apologise. simples really....

  31. Trouble is 6:59 that it takes the brains of a meerkat to see that solution and the leaders don't have that much between them or their ears!

  32. Anon 6:59 and 7:19
    Even more Simples

    Kay Dark stand down (or be made to stand down), 4th selection candidate takes her place!

    Now that is Simples!