Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conservative stating the obvious

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One of my readers pointed out this gem, a letter penned by Tory County Councillor Jenny Whittle (referring to the failure in child care) in this weeks "Kent on Sunday" clearly stating the flippin obvious "May I, in the strongest terms refute the suggestion that social workers are somehow taking the blame for the failings identified in last November's Ofsted inspection" of course you can, nobody in their right mind is going to criticise you for that or blame frontline staff.

Still here is where some of us at least would start to separate their agreement with Jenny's thoughts, when she states "I have been candid about what went wrong" and this is why Paul Carter, Tory Leader and presumably Jenny Whittle's boss, as I understand promised a review into what went wrong, which has yet to surface. 

Recently watching Jenny Whittle and Chris Wells respond to a KCC cabinet scrutiny committee, they seemed fully content to and of course this is just my opinion, evade the questions on whether we would ever see a review or not into how Kent child services allowed several hundred children to be at risk.

Most of us, are, after all frontline staff, in whatever sphere, we work, and we appreciate that frontline social workers were in no way responsible for child care failings, still that aside, what we, most of us, understand is this, almost certainly the poor state of child care services must have resulted from management failings and not from some mechanical failure like the photocopier jamming. Since Jenny has been candid she says, so how come none of us, who after all pay the bills, are the wiser.

Jenny Whittle and her Conservative colleagues surely can't have it both ways, either they are candid or they are concealing the root cause, which is not only important to Kent council so that they know what went wrong and don't repeat the same mistakes but more importantly vulnerable children are more important than Kent council's public image.

Incidentally I've emailed Chris Wells an occasional contributor, to Bignews Margate to enquire how vociferous his support for a lack of a proper review into events is, assuming he supports the veil of secrecy that appears to have settled over things, hopefully I got that wrong.

Remember this wasn't like losing 50 million pounds to the Icelandic banks, this isn't about Kent Conservatives "losing face" this is concerned with how we look after the most vulnerable in society.


  1. What is the point of going over this, the truth will not come out, just more bluster particularly from Wells

  2. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids, preferably with at least a modicum of upbringing tend to be those most at risk from Child Protection, or was that not what you meant Tony, by most vulnerable?

  3. The point is that any councillor who is part of the veil of secrecy is just as guilty as any councillors whoes policies may have led to this childrens services situation. I know its is a difficult area for cabinet members but if they cant cope they should have got out of the fire and put their hands up, not as in some cases blame computer systems. That excuse no longer holds water with the public. If the system they were using was an hinderance then procedures should have been put in place to overcome the draw backs. Tony, as a KCC watcher like myself you may have noted that the KCC political and paid leadership kept posts at KCC vacant for many months before filling them so that they could proudly boast that they were running a budget surplus. It is recorded in KCC minutes that this happend in childrens services. Did it happen in the area that KCC failed in?

  4. Child Protection Racket

    I would say you have it exactly right and child trafficking is what is being kept covered up

    Kent County Council criticised on child sex abuse case

    Could this be why Ann Widdecombe stood down ?

    High Court judge criticises social workers, police and Ann Widdecombe

    Shame she didn’t do as much to help families who went to her for help when their children were being stolen for forced adoptions on hearsay in secret closed family courts.

  5. This may come across as a bit deep to many, and I would forgive Tony if he deleted this post, but from the evidence I've seen and heard, I believe it to be true.

    The money involved, in the trafficking of these children, greases the wheels of the system and the twisted characters involved are recruited precisely because of their devotion to their cause.

    And what becomes of the children? The children are used for several purposes within this stride for corporate world government, some of which are far too horrific to detail, but include prostitution/blackmail/recruitment, 'rewards' to insiders, pharmaceutical, medical or chemical testing. Some of the lucky ones may be adopted, at a price, by well-meaning but misguided yuppies.

    But the nasty business of 'legalised kidnapping' is really a means to an end; to split the family and thus weaken us. To bludgeon and desensitize us into a state of utter helplessness, that ultimately we become the 'human resources' with no roots or free will of our own, desired by our corporate masters.

    For an extreme example of this disgusting philosophy; in the forced labour camps of N. Korea, male and female inmates, normally separated, are given an annual one week holiday and are thrown together in a cell, to breed. As soon as the child is born, it is taken from its mother, forever.

    You may think, what has N. Korea got to do with us? Well, it was set up as a closed laboratory precisely for social experimentation of a more extreme nature by the same corporate owners that own UK plc.

    We are fortunate not to be in N. Korea, but the point I am trying to make is that unless we nip this in the bud, things are certain to get progressively worse.

  6. Far easier to protect the perverts than the children - as if a wanted paedophile would really risk going to the media , pull the other one ! No wonder she stood down !

    A High Court judge has criticised social workers, the police and former MP Ann Widdecombe for failing to protect a vulnerable family against a paedophile.


    [The exact same one that former Maidstone councillor Sheena Williams and others had been complaining about to everyone who would listen including a common purpose graduate in charge of the youth activities team.
    Why was the former councillor Ken Stevens and his wife Liz allowed to shadow this pervert at the Youth group at Senacre church hall, where he was face painting children and also at the Shepway summer fete, whilst not being police checked ?
    Would be interesting to know if it was Ken’s wife who knew Ann Widdecombe’s staff ?]

    Brian Gerrish - UK Rally Against Child Abuse June 2011


    ‘Kent County Council is a hive of corruption and cover ups within social services and their legal teams all MP's and Councillors know exactly what is going on and are obviously through their silence part of it. What happened to former Maidstone Borough Councillor's four granddaughters who they kidnapped after she had cared for them twice before ? How many of these child who disappear are put into child molesting rings or adopted out to Freemasons or Councillors/MP's ?’

  7. Innocence Destroyed - Part 1 - WARNING: Graphic Content

    please watch all 3 parts

    Many people have been ‘murderd’ we believe to stop this information being given to the public, this is only the trailer to what would have been a documentary covering and naming the international child rings and trafficking of children at the highest levels world wide, including the UK. If only our MP’s were as brave as Nancy Scafer .

    3 plus children every week in the UK die whilst in the 'care system' who are paid vast sums of money via this fostering/adoption money making racket – no children equals no money and their businesses collapse overnight.

    Why do we rarely if ever hear of these cases ?

    Could it be that some children such as baby Peter are being left to die so that the authorities can use this an excuse to remove even more children from families for forced adoptions ?

    No wonder Jenny Whittle advertises foster care as a career, long gone are the days of a spare room and a small allowance and a kind heart, how much of this money up wards of £750 a week per child could be spent supporting families instead ?

  8. What the Kent Conservatives and others would prefer was kept hidden and you will never get to find out in the local media or on the BBC

    Kent is definitely a hotbed of corruption according to this, a whistleblower locked up to stop her standing for elections and MP’s, Kent Police, HMCS, NHS all involved in cover ups ?; How many more are being persecuted by Kent’s corrupt criminal cabal ? How much corruption has been kept hidden from the public gaze and when will people say enough is enough, after all we are the one’s who are paying for it ???


  9. Many families spoke out about the criminals activities of social workers at the recent Child Abuse Rally in Trafalgar Square 4th June 2011.

    Anyone who cares about their children should watch it

    Vicky Haig and others speak truth to power

    How many of Kent new social worker force will be coming from the EU, far easier to steal children and ignore those that do need protecting if you dont even come from this country ?

  10. Cabinet Member for Childrens Services ( hasn’t she done well within such a short time) - Raises the issue of exactly when Paul Carter gave her a ‘personal reference’ prior to the Conservative selection process for what could be considered the safest seat in the country, was it immediately after work and what time was her selection appointment; either way she must have felt extremely confident in being selected!

    The moto being if you want to get on work very closely with Lord Carter and the sky's the limit at KCC .

    “Jenny Whittle was employed by KCC from August 2005 until January 2009.
    Her initial role was as Staff Officer to the Cabinet Members for
    Education, when Mr Carter was one of those Cabinet Members, and she
    subsequently became the Leader's Staff Officer, three months after Mr Carter was elected to that post. She resigned from KCC less than 24 hours after becoming the Candidate, following the legal requirements as contained in the County Council's constitution.

    Paul Carter did not provide any reference in his capacity as Leader of Kent County Council.”

    And moving on …..

    “if Paul Carter did provide Ms Whittle with a reference, it was not in his capacity as Leader of the Council.

    However, even though there is no obligation to do so, I have asked the Leader to comment on your request. In order to satisfy public interest and accountability, he confirms that as President of Faversham & Mid Kent Conservative Association, he did provide Ms Whittle with a reference.”

  11. Having read the above posts I feel I must comment; that we should all feel confident in the knowledge that KCC Head of Legal Services - Geoff Wild or Wilde depending on if his name appears on a care order application or not , has everything under control, so much so that

    ‘ Last year he formed a joint venture (JV) with East Midlands and Wales firm Geldards, called Law: Public. The collaboration is capable of taking over entire local authority legal departments at a fraction of the margins commanded by the private sector competition. The JV charges on average £150 per hour for legal advice on areas such as adult and CHILDREN’S SOCIAL SERVICES ‘

    – so there we have it we can all rest safely in our beds knowing that our children are being ‘protected’ right across the country or can we ?

  12. Anonymous said...

    What is the point of going over this, the truth will not come out, just more bluster particularly from Wells
    Wed Jun 15, 04:57:00 PM

    The truth is already out there and has been for a very long time, it just depends on whether people keep on turning the other cheek to children and families being abused by authorities and continue to let them get away with it or not .

    They will soon wake up when they come for their children and cannot say they haven’t been warned.

    These are old figures with regards to the numbers of children, which have since massively increased across the country but the odds of getting them back have not improved.

    In 2007,local authorities in England applied for 8,173 care orders. 7,624 orders were made. 336 applications were withdrawn, 290 "no orders" decisions and 21 orders were refused.

    In other words, the judgement of the social workers working for the council was so good, they were only refused by the judge 21 times (0.27%)

    More importantly 93% of the time the judge merely rubber-stamped the care orders.

  13. Kent Freedom Movement Presents Brian Gerrish

    Time: June 23, 2011 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

    Location: Three Daws Riverside Inn
    Street: Town Pier, West Street
    City/Town: Gravesend Kent DA11 OBJ

    Everyone welcome especially whistleblowers !

    Brian is well known for speaking out about the so-called charity 'common purpose' and the abuse of power by local authorities/ judiciary working together to remove children for forced adoptions.

    Would be nice to see Paul Carter, Jenny Whittle, Chris Wells and the rest of the corporate parent representatives known as Councillors who are ALL vicariously liable for children entrusted under their universal duty to children in 'care' both past and present.

  14. 12.32

    Bet pigs will be seen flying before any of them bother to turn up. The majority of the public couldn’t care less what happens to someone else’s child. “It’s not my child, so what has it got to do with me is the attitude until they come for theirs which they will do eventually when there's nobody left to fight or object.Totally shameful.

  15. anon 12.52

    Now we know why so many have gotten so rich and stayed in position so long, no wonder they tried to silence her and her family how many more children will suffer due to these "animals"

    KCC Social Services has 3,000 Asylum Seeker boys to look after at a cost of £48,000,000 pa; it also is the controlling group for supplying boys to other parts of the UK eg Leicester, Northants – where there are similar profile paedophile rings as there are in Kent ie doctors, judges, teachers, solicitors, media, politicians

    KCC/ The Kent Conservative Party/ The Province of East Kent masons have been involved at a fundamental level in importing asylum seekers (between the ages of 12 and 30); with the help of Michael Howard – when he was Home Secretary in 1996.

  16. This is for any that can drag themselves away from the TV for a short while and educate themselves to what is really going on in Kent and what our council tax is really being used for, be warned it makes shocking reading.

    Yolande is another victim of Domestic Violence, battling for justice in Kent’s corrupt courts. She is also doing battle with the corrupt medical establishment. She is up against the usual Masonic dirty tricks within all the authorities and courts and was even forced to spend Christmas 2003 in Holloway prison. Take a look at some of her writings and official documentation; her petition outlines more recent events.
    Petition 6.5.2010
    Lindridge V Peck 10th January 2003
    LINDRIDGE V PECK 21/1/03
    KM 8/9/03
    GMC 26/10/03
    LORD FALCONER 18/11/03
    GMC SHIPMAN 18/11/03
    D I GARY SMITH 19/11/03
    KENT CPS 13/5/04
    SHIPMAN INQUIRY 11/12/04
    GMC 13/12/04
    KENT CPS 17/12/04

  17. Kent Operation Ore List.

    A Maidstone Lodge received its warrant on 13.9.2000, it was set up to protect freemasons on the Kent Operation Ore List. The leading lodges are in Maidstone ie Douglas Lodge 1725 (meeting in a Church) supported by Maeides Stana Lodge 7868.

    NB This document was composed on 1.12.2003, the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of its author was ordered on 19.12.2003 and was achieved on 22.12.2003. On its anniversary ie 22.12.2004 a list of un-convicted paedophiles on the Operation Ore list will be published. The author has been threatened with imprisonment by the High Court if she continues to pursue the paedophiles identified in HQ020X02379 ie Yolande Lindridge v Kent Operation Ore Organised Crime.

  18. The temps paid up to £1,250 a day by council that’s slashing hundreds of jobs (that's three times David Cameron's daily wage)

    A council forced to cut services and slash hundreds of jobs has been paying up to £1,250 a day each for six temporary staff.
    They were brought in at KENT COUNTY COUNCIL to replace directors who were made redundant, but are now earning up to three times Prime Minister David Cameron’s daily wage.

    The temps, who have cost the taxpayer £205,000 in their first three months, were hired by the Tory-run council’s group managing director, Katherine Kerswell, who joined the authority last year on an annual salary of £197,000.
    She is overseeing huge cutbacks, including the loss of 1,500 jobs, in a bid to reduce the council’s budget by £165million over the next two years.

    The most highly-paid temp is families and care director Malcolm Newsam, who costs the council £1,250 a day, followed by Alastair Pettigrew, head of specialist children’s services, £825 a day, then Andy Roberts in the education and learning department, £780 a day.

    And in civil law cases, the best-paid legal aid barristers – one made nearly £600,000 – were experts in divorce and child law in the secretive family courts.

    Earnings from legal aid among barristers are now such that one in every 30 of Britain’s 15,000 barristers earns more than Mr Cameron’s annual £142,500.

  19. 12:30, I think bribery would be more appropriate, rather than 'wages'.

    Some excellent research in these comments, I do hope the mutant-zombies are paying attention.