Monday, June 20, 2011

Kent Councils film office do we need it

Spotted the rather extravagant claim in the Kent on Sunday, that a film which you and I apparently invested in, is a boost to the economy.

Kent Council bunged a £20,000 "investment" into the movie "Age of Heroes", alright it's a trivial amount, but according to the article, this investment has in return resulted in an inward investment of £42,800 according to "officials".

I have to say "Age of Heroes"  as far as I can recall, never made it as far as the local cinema, still presumably some speciality suppliers of DVD's will be stocking this classic.

If nothing else this is an intriguing new line of investment strategy for public money, anyway I'm currently working up a film script myself, the central character is a sad git middle aged blogger, keeping tabs on a county council run by clueless Conservatives employing more witless "officers" on hundred thousand pound salaries than you can point a stick at, further more in the background old peoples homes are closed, school travel cut, millions lost in Iceland and child services failing, oh and millions spent on PR to cover it up.

Shortly I shall be contacting the Kent Film Office, I recon 20, 30, 40 grand should be enough for me to develop the script  "Age of Cretins" a bit further, and I promise to invest it mostly in Kent but I do need a holiday.

Still if you're interested in "Age of Heroes" click here for reviews from Total Film or Virgin Media Movies.


  1. I understand that Whitstable and Tankerton are lovely holiday resorts at this time of year, of course you could go to Ramsgate or even Dover for your research.

  2. I dont pay my KCC taxes so that they can spend it on subsidising film makers. The local pub used for a base may have benifitted but I dont see how this improves the quality of life for many in Kent.
    The government has stopped grants to the film industry and so should KCC.

    Its another vanity project like the millions wasted on Kent TV and other so called regeneration schemes that cost plenty and achieve no job gains.

  3. NO and we DONT need this either !!

    KENT temps paid up to £1,250 a day by council that’s slashing hundreds of jobs (that's three times David Cameron's daily wage)

    A council forced to cut services and slash hundreds of jobs has been paying up to £1,250 a day each for six temporary staff.

    They were brought in at Kent County Council to replace directors who were made redundant, but are now earning up to three times Prime Minister David Cameron’s daily wage.

    The temps, who have cost the taxpayer £205,000 in their first three months, were hired by the Tory-run council’s group managing director, Katherine Kerswell, who joined the authority last year on an annual salary of £197,000.

    She is overseeing huge cutbacks, including the loss of 1,500 jobs, in a bid to reduce the council’s budget by £165million over the next two years.

    The most highly-paid temp is families and care director Malcolm Newsam, who costs the council £1,250 a day, followed by Alastair Pettigrew, head of specialist children’s services, £825 a day, then Andy Roberts in the education and learning department, £780 a day.

    And in civil law cases, the best-paid legal aid barristers – one made nearly £600,000 – were experts in divorce and child law in the secretive family courts.

    Earnings from legal aid among barristers are now such that one in every 30 of Britain’s 15,000 barristers earns more than Mr Cameron’s annual £142,500.