Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Margate's Big Event 2011

I note once again, I am receiving many hits for the popular  Margate Big Event, and this year it moves into the middle of  Margate, which hopefully will produce much benefit to all concerned.

Central to this weekend's Big Event naturally is the air display which this year includes the Battle of Britain Memorial flight, the Red Arrows, and a real treat for anoraks the Vulcan Bomber,  not having seen one, since I think the last Manston Airshow, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience a piece of cold war history not just visually but if the thing is allowed to perform as it did in the past, you can literally feel the damn thing through the sound waves from the engine particularly when the machine is climbing.

Anyway enough of that, coupled with the air show there is the fun fair, live music and a real bonus this year, Margate itself which has art galleries to saunter, the Old Town, the Harbour Arm and fine places to sit and relax with a meal or drink.  Something else worth a mention is the superb world class Turner Contemporary, which in its first few weeks of opening has seen 100,000 visitors.

I'd say there is just about something for everyone this weekend in Margate, and if you cannot find something to entertain you, then I'd see a doctor, because you must be in a bad way!

I may add some pictures to this later in the day, I've just got in from work. For background information and earlier references please click here to search Bignews Margate's archive


  1. What an amazing weekend thought it brought margate back to life only downside was the weather and the rude so called security that pushed my 3 year old out of the way! Well done Margate on a amazing couple of days

  2. brilliant weekend. what a great air show display and great entertainment provided. thank you to everyone involed in making this weekend happen, you done a fantastic job!