Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why we are here?

In my case despite being hampered by a lack of ability and a poor education as provided by Kent Council, I still have an urge to express myself and question how and why things happen.

Now if you take a gander at the preceding post, you'll see there is a bit of a kerfuffle concerning a rather dubious cost cutting measure which involves TDC deciding not to send me and my ilk anymore emails from their Press Office, also should I be cheeky enough to ask for information, they will be rather silly and treat these as Freedom Of Information FOI requests.

Now the reason given was cost cutting, and of course, this has probably worried up a lot correspondence including the rather pointless email, which kicked this off, which has cost more money than had they not bothered.

Still never one to resist the urge to look in command and fully briefed, along comes Cllr Simon Moores, who of course cannot also resist the urge to look mature and grown up, arguing fiercely for what many would consider a repressive and ultimately doomed move.

Simons latest blog posting I view as a Daily Mail sort of style, innuendo,  twaddle and codswallop  he opens with  this broadside "Overnight I see that two of our better known local weblogs or should I say 'surviving' bloggers are making a fuss..." OH Gosh! (Me)

He loads more ammo "Thanet Online to  announce " A war on prominent Blogs" and Big News* Margate to howl 'conspiracy' from the rooftops, with his dramatic headline 'Thanet council discriminates against free press." NO Please Stop (Me)

Relentlessly he pushes home his attack "It's all a bit pathetic really! I"    Ouch that really hurt! ( Me)

Moores without mercy throws caution to the wind and goes for the throat "...at least two of the more popular (referring to weblogs), believe that they should receive special treatment and be regarded on the same basis as the Thanet Gazette or the BBC with a right to pester the council press team for information but without having to abide by the same news protocols and code of conduct that governs the press.

I just hope Moores doesn't think he is referring to me, which I take to be inferred  in that last comment, because clearly he is mistaken, I just expect to be treated equally, my readers of whom he is one, pay their taxes and expect accountability and don't expect to be excluded.

If councillor Moores is suggesting that I intend to pester the council press team, I considered that a gross insult and expect him to clarify or withdrawn his rude comment and adhere to codes of conduct he so frequently refers.

Finally Bloggers are subject to the law as much as any newspaper or media outlet.

PS All this is a distraction, there are bigger fish to fry, and in defence of those frontline officers who are committed to a public service ethos, information will naturally flow, currently Tesco is on the agenda tomorrow so lets hope the council gets it right and protects local interests, KCC still have to confirm the state of the review in to the Child Services failure and of course this weekend is the Big Event Yippee!

*Simon It's Bignews Margate (still was that one of your professions Teaching) it's at the top of the page, tut. tut.


  1. I shall delete comments from anyone I consider abusive so to the last poster, until you start adhering to own much hyped standards your comments will be removed

  2. Well that sounds like the same kind of democracy and freedom of speech you are criticising TDC about. Us followers will never know what 'deleted poster' wrote, but we are privvy to your tough stance on the issue.

    Bully for you (or should that be 'you bully').

  3. Journalists outside of 'their' control who question 'the agenda' cost 'them' time, money and no end of grief you see Tony, so in a way, cost-cutting measure is a rather apt description after all.

    It has nothing to do with the non-existent cost of putting you on the email list, but it is certainly one step closer towards a totalitarian regime.

  4. On the subject of Child Services:


  5. 4 45 the comment in question was from simon Moores who censors his own blog.

  6. I see from Thanet Life that "Doctor" Moores is off to Windsor Castle tonight for dinner. I wonder if - in keeping with his time in the Royal Marines, which turned out to be the (equally laudable but not quite the same as...)Royal Marine RESERVES - that is the Windsor Castle in Camberwell?

  7. 1 19 Well my thoughts were this, as a man of many talents maybe Simon is also an expert on silver service, a chef perhaps they need an entertaining after dinner speaker still who knows or indeed cares.

    Frankly I think the royals owe us all a debt of gratitude excepting Mrs Windsor who has despite the inherent nonsense of royalty done a remarkable job for this country not something you are ever likely to said of Charles.

  8. "not quite the same as...)Royal Marine RESERVES.."

    tell that to the reserves fighting in Afghanistan

  9. Try telling that to the families of all these children

    Sept. 15 Tribunal to hear evidence on Elizabeth Windsor culpability in Canadian depleted uranium (du) and radiation genocide as well as Windsor and Pope Ratzinger culpability in crimes against humanity, and child trafficking


    The truth will come out into the open the end and far sooner than some would hope.

  10. Uranium Windsor? Will someone please get the 11.53 June 16th loony sectioned? We don,t need any more nutters in Thanet.