Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Contemporary Images to immerse yourself in

a visual gem

I've got to give up reading the papers and watching the news I'm convinced that the constant exposure to bad news, cannot be good for me or indeed any of us, I'm sure life at one time life was simpler, a "suspected" mass murder/war criminal, such as Ratko Mladic was just that, these days we have to endure the preposterous pleading by relatives, that someone who could apparently order the mass killing of 8000 in Srebrenica, is too dainty to face a court inquisition or the chance to explain himself.

With that on my mind I thought I had to avoid the evening news and having spent more time wrestling with my bicycle's gears and brakes recently, than riding the flipping thing, I got my bike on the road late this afternoon so cycled along the front and past the new gallery, ending up on the Harbour Arm.

Usually there is something to be seen in the units, and today was no exception, half way along is a gallery space with an exhibition of contemporary images the work of local Artists Brian Moody ( freelance photographer whose work has mostly appeared in Magazines such as the Observer, Sunday Times) & Denis Smith ( artist and photographer who has worked as an art director for top ad agencies such as Saatchi's).

Anyhoo the exhibition has lifted my mood, as did the sunshine, and the only bit of news I caught earlier in the day that Turner Contemporary has so far attracted 100,000 visitors since opening, despite the pervasive negativity from Thanet's darker corners.

Obviously not everyone's the same, but without the TC gallery other local galleries might not exist and if you can't find something to your taste, I feel you must be in a bad way. As a keen photographer with a library of iPhone masterpieces I can tell the difference between my feeble efforts and professional and would recommend you take gander at show and see for yourself. Iphond  classics


  1. I hear you Tony, is a good idea to distance oneself from the propaganda, which only serves to guide us in the direction of perceived helplessness.

    This is a false paradigm, of course, as we are, in fact, the HUGE majority and if only we were to unite and stand up to these jokers, this nightmare could be over very quickly.

    If anyone wants an excellent daily breakdown of the real news in a British accent, Alan Watt does just that.

    Scroll down for the radio podcasts.

  2. Real news thanks for your comments, despite feeling that news is managed, and even accepting that branches of government will and do tell porkies, I'm not quite ready to join you.

    Yogi I had intended to do a blog posting on the news that some council up norff had spent hard earned tax payer cash on pursuing some twitterer. However this little exhibition seemed more important.

  3. Glad you got on your bike Tony. I am delighted the visitor numbers are going well it means people are visiting Thanet and the local businesses are only at the risk of taking a few bob. I only buy one paper a weeek for the TV listings I discovered many years ago that they contained bad news slanted to whatever view they hold on things. Riding your bike will be far better for you and when the sun is out Thanet is one of the best places to be.

  4. Porkies is understatement of the year, Tony, in reality they are playing a cruel hoax on all of us; it's all bollix mate, honestly.

    This Londoner plumber, Ian Puddick, demonstrates rare courage in taking on the City mafia and we should all be getting behind him. His is an interesting and bizarre tale, don't miss it!

  5. Well as a business in the town centre, yes in the first week there were more middle class spenders with more money etc. Since then they have disappeared? TDC needs to rethink its parking strategy from Millhill...full of council cars to College Sq which only allows long term parking on the lower deck exit which only directs people directly to the old town.