Thursday, June 16, 2011

Search Me update

Just a couple of quick notes concerning this website, firstly the search box above the header and to the left, appears frankly useless, sometimes out of idle curiosity, I like to check whether my mood swings, actually result in changes to what I say, other than the attitude with which I deliver each post, so for this reason I have placed a new search gizmo titled FLAIGY DIDN'T YOU MENTION? which seems a bit better. (Flaigy is one of the names I'm referred to at work, the others being unsuitable). I like to encourage open exchanges and honesty, if I got it wrong then so be it and some of my more, picky readers can perhaps score a rare point.

Secondly I've change the legend below the title of the blog to reflect Thanet District Councils, censorship which appears to be yet another case of taxpayer funded politics favouring the local Conservative party."MAINSTREAM MEDIA" NEWS AND COMMENT FROM MARGATE CENSORED BY THANET COUNCIL OFFENDING POLITICIANS SINCE APRIL 2006


  1. Thirdly, why is it that a blog that calls itself "Big News Margate" fails to mention the latest developments with the Arlington House / Tesco plans, discussed & (sort of) approved by TDC last night?

  2. This blog is a fantastic source of information on whats going on behind the scenes at both local and county level, we dont get anything like this amount of information in the local media, keep up the good work Tony ! Keep exposing their failings its the only way to get rid of them.


    What the Kent Conservatives and others would prefer was kept hidden and you will never get to find out in the local media or on the BBC

    Kent is definitely a hotbed of corruption according to this, a whistleblower locked up to stop her standing for elections and MP’s, Kent Police, HMCS, NHS all involved in cover ups ?; How many more are being persecuted by Kent’s corrupt criminal cabal ? How much corruption has been kept hidden from the public gaze and when will people say enough is enough, after all we are the one’s who are paying for it ???


  4. So what has been approved regarding the Tesco application? I cannot find any news of last night's meeting anywhere. Does anyone know what is going on?

  5. Move on.... nothing to see here only the Biggest Scandal in Kent's history of what was that about Tesco's... suppose it could all depend on how large the back-hander was ?

  6. The Tesco / Arlington thingy was approved by TDC, & now it needs final approval by the home secretary (so maybe he's the one who'll need the backhander 5:38). I'm actually more excited about this than I ever was over The Turnip Centre, it will bring more people to Margate too.

    Does anyone know what's happening on that disused bit of road opposite Arlington House? Also, I've noticed that the Seabathing Development seems to be up & runnin g again (certainly that crane has been very active the last few days), anyone know more?

  7. 4 26 a style very similar to Moores
    including a inability to get the name right
    for this blog. anyhow I believe they TDC
    may have past the buck to the secretarty
    of state for unpopular decisions.
    I must apologise for not attending the meeting, how
    selfish of me I decided to spend several hours with a
    shovel in the company of some hairy a***d co-
    workers doing a bit of stone bashing, just to pay the
    still if take the time, you could like me put yourself
    about a bit and contribute to society

  8. Tony, you should have been dining at (the) Windsor Castle with the other local celebrities. I understand it was chicken in a basket, pints were £2.50, there was a live band, and there was a bit of a fracas in the car park afterwards. Guess Sandy was there too, eh? Plus a few other old queens.

  9. We still don't know whether he was waiting tables or in the kitchens, please god he wasn't one of the diners boring all around with his blimin CV.

  10. Big news for Margate and the rest of England, that you won't see on Newsnight. (click my name)

  11. Ripple Effect

    Completely agree you wont find that in the news

    So if she has no standing or authority to be Queen why are we all paying council tax and wouldn't this mean that all her so called courts are operating in fraud and this makes their laws invalid ?

  12. Certainly appears that way, 12:31 ... ;)

  13. Kent Freedom Movement Presents Brian Gerrish

    Time: June 23, 2011 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm

    Location: Three Daws Riverside Inn
    Street: Town Pier, West Street
    City/Town: Gravesend Kent DA11 OBJ

    Everyone welcome especially whistleblowers !

  14. The strip of land opposite Arlington is going to be another shoddy development featuring 21(!) rabbit hutches. This will mean more accidents as pedestrians will not be able to see what is coming as they cross over from the station side. It will also mess up the site access for the Tesco deliveries. Consequently there will have to be alterations to the roundabout at our expense. No doubt it will sit empty for years like Gate Quays and then be auctioned off to a slumlord.
    It seems that developers must be given something to do no matter what. Just look at Godden Towers at the back of Dreamland. Where is the market for that carbuncle? I don't see how they are going to convince anyone to part with more cash to rescue the Sea-Bathing disaster either. Many investors cannot get their deposits back from Mrs Paigle. There is also black mould in much of the building thanks to the damp-proof course being botched by a Polish sub-contractor.
    Maybe the Sea-Bathing should become what the Hoxton Refugees call an "Installation"? It might win the Turner prize! Millions would flock to see the best pece of modern art in Margate. The interactive work could be called "Bathtime in the Purlieus". Meanwhile TDC is pushing ahead with Westwood Garden City (1000 new homes to begin with) on a sewerage and road system designed for a few farms and cottages.
    So, to sum up we have 800 empty properties, no jobs, no airport expansion, no middle-class housebuyers, lots of grant money for unsustainable shops and a brutalist art gallery full of stuff you can see in London. The only future for the town seems to be in housing the leavings of The Wen, who have no disposable cash. Anyone with sense is leaving and the slumlord speculators are expanding their portfolios.Flotsam of all flags are being dumped here in ever increasing numbers to complement the native trash. We seem to be living in the Town of the Living Dead, a sub-human race of mutant zombies. TDC are the uber-zombies of course.
    What is more we now have a squillion do-gooding committees trying to grab more grants to plaster over the cracks as the local economy continues to contract. Tesco really must move on to the front. Nothing can be worse than the current dereliction. But let's not get delusional here. Nick Dermott must be off his rocker if he really thinks that the "desirable" flats in the ghastly Arlington Tower are ever going to be worth £400,000. Even the Bull-Ring got torn down eventually and the Brighton Centre (aahhh!) will surely follow. The only "listing" Arlington deserves is a demolition order. NOW!
    This town is still going down the pan. The TC visitors are not going to change that. TDC is looking at 20% cuts next year. The Dreamland Public Inquiry in the Autumn is going to be the next debacle. Will the lottery funding still be there by then? Has it been lost already? Why did TDC wait so long to serve the CPO? It's all looking distinctly dodgy as usual. Maybe it is time to leave them all to fester and get out. Altogether now: "Bless 'em all, bless 'em all...)

  15. Listing to Port, is that the same as leaning to the left?

    Anyway thanks for a well thought out comment.

    Me thinks I perhaps should have a comment of the week award and if so you might well win.