Monday, June 20, 2011

Why would you trust the NHS to Labour

Just a quick one, I see Thanet Labour are having a whinge about who should run the NHS, I would like to point out that despite Labour's ancient history on setting up the  NHS, in recent times things have not been so good during their time in office an 7 billion pound project was set up to handle patient information in 2002 by Labour, which the Daily Mail recently reported " National Audit Office concludes that the £2.7 billion so far spent creating a database of medical records had not been “value for money”.It said it had no confidence that the £4.3 billion which will be invested over  the next few years will be “any different.”

The truth is Labour trades on nostalgia, the fact is under Labour in recent times whatever improvements Labour made historically have been eroded by a cynical agenda which has involved undermining, ordinary working people, allowing migrants to be exploited as cheap Labour ,to the point that any improvements on infrastructure such as health and education have been eroded by increased demand.

Admittedly Cameron does not inspire confidence in the health service but at least most know where he is coming from, its my view that Labour have hit on a formula of pleasing and spoon feeding the public sector workers and habitual welfare claimants (who are distinct from those unable to work or those replaced by exploited migrants).

Just locally we have seen how Labour have fought against social housing and now intend to fight inward investment at a time when the Pfizer are winding up operations, resulting in a bleak future for thousands in this area. It would be interesting to know given Clive Hart and his Labour colleagues objections to inward investment so far, what answers or strategies he or any of his colleagues might have for helping the thousands of us effected directly or indirectly by the Pfizer closure.

Still if you would like to wallow in nostalgia and Labour propaganda click here


  1. Its becomming very apparent that this government is not going to spend any cash in supporting business in the South East whether its an areas in need like Dover, Hastings or Thanet. Unlike the last government that threw millions at the deprived south east areas whether directly or through agencies like the scrapped SEEDA and affordable housing scheme bodies. Without SEEDA there would be no Turner.
    As for the NHS much cash was spent but hospital waiting times were at an historical low. Gone were the days when you waited 18 months for a new hip or even to see a consultant.
    We also dont know whether it will become a service for the have and have nots under the plans for many services to be managed and provided by the private sector. As we have seen from the Railways having shareholders to pay does not mean a better and affordable service for the public.

  2. Hart and Co have just one Agenda keep Thanet welfare dependent, a big no to job creation , keep the masses dependent on the state lets keep the socialist Nirvana of tax and spend.Their Anti, Airport,Port, Arlington House in fact anti everything that will bring Investment and Jobs, we can't have that can we keep everyone sitting on their backsides with their hand outstretched singing the Red Flag, Forget the Labour Trillion pound debt

    How dare the unemployed that is those that wish to work be given opportunities, can't have that comdrades , can we?.
    It is patently clear that Hart has no wish to work with the Conservative Group and sole aim seems intent pursuing a negative agenda, never mind the residents of Thanet.
    Its time for Hart and Poole to go, and for one of the more serious minded labour Group to come forward,who will work constructively with the Independent and Conservative Groups for the benefit of Thanet, this can only happen when Poole and Hart join the back benches.

  3. You seem to have confused several wildly disparate and disassociated issues and arguments in your post, Tony. The issue of trust centres conventionally on FUNDING the NHS. Most people believe that Labour has ensured, and normally will ensure, continued funding in and support for the NHS. Most people doubt that the Tories wish to do the same. The Lib Dem position is normally held to be closer to Labour's, but given the extent to which they have sold out on their principles for Cabinet seats, that is now in doubt.

    You have primarily highlighted the issue of alleged poor financial control, and waste. Quite different, and it is usually possible to highlight examples of waste from all Governments. Certainly the last Labour Administration is no exception. But that is not the same as the issue of trust.

    Many can now see that the Tories, with Lib Dem support, are pursuing austerity programmes not solely because of the budget deficit but because of what drives them ideologically. That extends to the threat of even more punitive legislation against strikes.

  4. wake up people, it's five to midnightTuesday, 21 June 2011 at 09:29:00 BST

    Come on folks, all three parties are working to the same agenda. It is way past time to stop bickering about the symptoms and educate ourselves as to the cause, because you are just chasing your tail by blaming our problems on this or that
    political party.

    Corporations have run this country since the inception of the private Bank of England, funded by Vatican money.

    Corporations are the cause of our problems.

    Your income tax goes to private corporations.

    I bet that makes you feel good.

    Oh and by the way, it looks as if the corporations might be planning to blow up the German Ladies football team on Sunday and blame it on the Muslims.