Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alex Salmond Smug?

alex salmondOne of the few reasons I still buy The Sunday Times, are the views expressed by correspondent Rod Liddle, who’s words frequently, express what I feel.

Today was no exception, Mr Liddle was affronted by the unexpected appearance of Scotland’s First Minister on his television, “that smirking morass of Caledonian self-satisfaction Alex Salmond suddenly appeared on my  screen during a brief news segment—a ball of flatulent smuggery……..

Apparently the First Minister was wittering on about better employment figures than in England, however (no surprise) the great man failed to mention the contribution made by British taxpayers as whole,  who receive significantly less than the £10,212 of public money per person as in Scotland.

I glad I'm not the only one who doesn’t  see why the rest of Britain has to subsidise Scotland’s medicine and students, particularly galling is the fact that Scotland as I understand it offers tuition free places at Universities to EU students from outside England. Which of course is the indicative of the sort of hostility that Scottish Nationalist have for a long time tried to manufacture against the rest of Britain.

I’d like to see Scotland pay its own way without dipping into my pocket, I wish I could link to that story,but you’ll either have to buy the paper, or be a subscriber to their internet pages.


  1. I think there are a bunch of Scots up the road in Canterbury, Howe Barracks to be precise, who are doing their bit for this country as their forefathers have done before them over the centuries.

    The problem is not the Scots but the wet useless English politicians who failed, during the devolution programme, to create an English government leaving Westminster soley responsible for United Kingdom matters like defence and foreign policy.

    If we had a devolved English government then Englishmen alone could decide the priorities for how we spend our money. Trouble was, of course, that the government who introduced devolution was packed with Scots at the top. Apart from nationality interests they were also Labour and aware that they would never command a majority in an English only election.

  2. 3 58 I think you'll find people from all over UK including Thanet have and continue to served their country.

    English people were certainly sold down the river but as we all know scotish labour politicians were responsible.

  3. Mr Alex Salmond has nothing to feel smug about. Google Hollie Greig and the great work that Robert Green has done in exposing many who have plenty to hide and who should be hanging their heads in shame.

  4. By serving the country, I assume you guys mean low paid mercenary work for the global imperial empire.

    The poor saps may believe they are serving the country, in fact they are doing the country a disservice, especially true of the opium growers and traffickers of Afghanistan.

  5. 06.41 is no doubt not fit to lick the boots of those he calls poor saps. Presumably yet another of that breed who enjoy the safety and security of this country which others with more guts serve to preserve.

    Whoever you are, anon, you have my contempt.

  6. I'm not licking anyone's boots matey.

    You have my pity, brainwashed minion.

  7. Without us "brainwashed minnions" you would not exist blood sucker. Enjoy your peace and security which others provide.

  8. I am afraid you have been misled, my friend.

    Both world wars were set in motion by the same people who's interests you were defending. They financed both sides, and they are getting ready to do it again.

    This former military man had REAL courage.

    Eisenhower tried to warn us.

    So did JFK.

  9. All very fine in theory but realities demand otherwise. Man has fought wars throughout history, since before bankers, armanent firms or capitalism. He has fought over land, tribalism, religion and even a woman named Helen.

    Over the same time some people have asked why and probably the only real answer was that given by Colour Sergeant Bourne in response to a young nervous soldier at Rourke's Drift, "Because we're here lad, there's nobody else."

    Some blame religion, the politicians or the capitalists. Some do what they have to do in defence of what they treasure and believe in. Which are you, anon?

  10. Of course what Bourne should have said was,

    "Because we're a bunch of gullible fools, lad"

    Just because we've been hoodwinked in the past does not mean we should do it again.

    This time it will mean wholesale nuclear destruction, none of us want that.

  11. The best thing about nuclear weapons is their deterrent capability. It is they that have kept us from world war for 65 years, not the UN or EU, but the fear of the consequences.

    Someone, however, has to be capable of manning those deterrent systems so be grateful they do whilst you continue to bury your head in the sand.

    Personally I have no regrets for serving.

  12. OK Ex-serviceman, you believe what you want about 'deterrents', but when the powers that be decide it is time, we shall have a nuclear holocaust.

    The only thing that will stop it, will be the people of the world standing up and saying enough already!

  13. And pigs will fly my friend. Must be great in your fantasy world.

  14. Wrong, my friend, pigs will be hung for treason, by the neck... until dead.

  15. And there is me thinking you were opposed to violence and regarded those who do it for a living as misguided mercenaries. Presumably pigs do not have rights in your book. Enjoy your bacon sandwich before big brother confiscates it or sends you off to the trenches!