Sunday, September 25, 2011

BBC Regional politics from elsewhere

BBC interviews itself
Not often I watch the Politics Show South East, today I did, despite having some interest in politics, this programme rarely has any truly local politics and today was no different tried and tested, it follows a tired and predictable path, a subject that could cover any region and more often than not a Westminster politician or two.

This weeks bland approach was enhanced by that more than irritating technique in which BBC reporter ask another what they think? Who cares?

I get the impression that the role of political correspondents, in the regions is a sort of apprenticeship and that one day they’ll get the chance to bore us witless with clich├ęd thinking on the main BBC news.

Delving into regional politics, the nitty-gritty end of reporting local government seems beneath the BBC, so why don’t they buy in local talent from local newspapers and use reporters who know local issues.

One item BBC South East have brushed aside is the challenge to Cllr Paul Carters leadership of Kent Conservatives and the Council, fortunately local press still report as is the case in todays, Kent on Sunday, who reveal that one Kent Council Cabinet member Kevin Lynes reckons it’s the wrong time to challenge the leader, still he would say that wouldn’t he.

I know this subject is boring but so is regional reporting from BBC South East and their failure to be part of or report the local democratic process.


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  3. 9 34 I cannot confirm your comments so have removed them, things might be different if you comment using your own I D please note that comments from anons should be taken with a shovel of salt

  4. Presumably you can confirm that said councillor is a Liveryman as stated by 9:24 and I would suggest that it would not be difficult to also confirm that he was once an estate agent in Eltham. Similarly is family break up is common knowledge.

    Notwithstanding this I accept it is your blog and if you wish to play God with what you allow I shall not comment again.

  5. 9 43 good point I have now checked and could not verify the first comment having now had chance to check

    It's difficult to monitor comments while sorting out a cup of coffee and getting briefed for work etc

  6. Oh dear, I see censorship is suddenly the order of the day. Strange that you choose to do an item on a certain councillor, with links, and then delete subsequent comments which, having read them, I can say were factual and not libellous.

    Also find your dismissal of anonymous posters rather arrogant. On a blog most people, named or not, are actually anonymous and where would blogs be without them. Yours could well be down to you and Peter the camera plus the odd rare snippet from one of our illustrious councillors from time to time.

    Has subject councillor got some special immunity from your usual stance of castigating those in office and, if so, why post about him?

  7. It is the right time for a challenge to be made to cllr Carter. Too many mistakes have occured under his leadership and he has shown a poor record in the selection of senior ataff at KCC. Hence the mistakes and the commings and goings in recent times with high pay offs. This must not continue for another year for more failure to happen and just to allow the cllr named in the newspaper report to try to must up support for himself.

  8. Agree 11:32 but feel the councillor named in the item would be an even bigger disaster for Kent than Carter may (or may not) have been.

  9. An easy comment from bill (could be anyone ) Richards, it's not arrogance, it's being fair.

    I don't over monitor comments in fact there are some I don't get time to look at.

    But as in my opinion you seem none too savy understand this much, we live in a country with draconian defamation laws, indeed I myself have been threatened in the past by a contractor working on behalf of KCC, firms that earn a living frequently trawl these pages.

    The main thrust of this posting refers to what I consider is shallow reporting of regional politics by the state broadcaster BBC.

    Any how bill do us all a favour and create your own blog and then we can see how it should be done.

  10. PS Bill I'd you would like to confirm these facts and attach
    With verifiable ID please do so.

    Money talks and bullsh!t walks

  11. Really do not understand the need for rudeness, Tony, for generally I support your site.

    As to your comment about draconian laws, the facts disclosed in the deleted postings are very easily verified and, being true, could not be subject to legal action. Be that as it may, take a look at said councillors own website and you will see he refers to living with his wife and two children. Not true for he left her some time ago but the image could do without the public damage at this time. The chap hopes to be endorsed by Carter as his successor.

    Generally a dirty business politics and, in the main, you have played your part in exposing some of it.

    As to my own blogsite, far too busy with a host of voluntary duties to have the time and I certainly don't have the expertise. I bow to yours in that respect.

  12. Well Tony I have Bill's advice and taken a look at the said councillors own web site (his name .com) and he seems to be a good family man and it appears that he is a director of a South East corporate software training company,
    Tunbridge Wells Training.

    If you do visit this site you may be under the impression that it was a one name band offering basic microsoft and lotus office training and has been dormant since the year 2000 (reference to windows 98 etc). A further check at Companies House shows that its no longer trading and the accounts were well overdue at the dissolved date. Not exactly the technocrat he likes us to believe he is and why claim he is still a drector?

  13. Perhaps because his estranged wife used to run the site, but she ain't around anymore and he probably does not have the skills to amend it.

  14. Ask any older estate agent in Eltham if they remember Leighton Park Estates from the 80's and they will probably fall about laughing. Said councillor's first business he launched when 24 (per his own site). Went the same way as Tunbridge Wells Training.

    Is this the right man to run Kent?

  15. Bill Richards you accuse me of arrogance suggest I'm partial then when I correct you , then you suggest I'm rude.

    Had I just dismissed your suggestion by telling you to Feck off, I would understand the rudeness jibe.

    However I took the trouble explain things as simply ad you'd understand

    People know who am they don't know who you are.

    Have a nice day don't take it personally

  16. Speakers corner is about the only place left for apparent 'free speech' especially if you are interested in what politicians etc get up to in their 'spare time'

    Of course the truth has a way of coming out if they like it or not, when will the main stream media do their job ?

    Brian Clare joins forces with ANONYMOUS (UK).MOV

  17. Tony, it was the none too savy bit that I felt unnecessary. Apart from you having no idea of my IQ you also do not know who I am. For all you know I could be a psychopathic giant who gets deranged at being dismissed as thick by middle aged Liberals.

    I am not but worth bearing in mind when you attack the unknown.

  18. Pleased to see that despite the accusations and counters, not to mention odd bit of comment erasing, the truth has outed as far as the self proclaimed King of Kent in waiting is concerned. Ran off with a council employee as well which is general knowledge at county hall.

    Their all at it you know, from Prescott to Huhne so why should KCC politicians miss out of all the fun.

  19. "ran off with a council employee" wouldnt be the first time I bet, some of them dont even bother running off just keep their bit on the side and the missus,it is rumoured that some also get promoted to councillors if they are very good.

    just read this on another blog the dear old BBC clearly must have made a slip up letting the world know that its not the governments who rule the world but their masters the bankers

    BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth The Collapse Is Coming And Goldman Sachs Rules The World

  20. Yet again an interesting debate on the KCC leadership is hijacked by our conspiracy nutter with his parasites, this time in the banks.

    Just how can you leap from shacking up with one of the staff in county hall to Goldman Sachs.

    Word of advice, when you get to St. Peter I bet he won't let you in because you would be looking for conspiracies and funny handshakes even in paradise.

  21. It looks as if the councillor in question has City connections, so the leap is not such a huge one.

    Actually Goldman Sachs can usually be found buzzing around large pots of other people's money and KCC is no exception.

    Tony made a couple of post's about it, remember?

  22. The councillor in question has city connections - now you are seriously having a laugh. Membership of a livery company is just a paid for club, not some position of influence. No this guy has a string of failed small businesses about as far removed from a major bank as you could get.

  23. "this guy has a string of small failed businesses" - and Paul Carter puts him in charge of business regeneration in Kent. No wonder Paul Carter is beng chsllenged as the leader, not one of his better decisions.

  24. Well at least he has a lot of experience of rising from the ashes of one failed business after another to create a new one. In a world where politicians are increasingly short on real life experience maybe a failed businessman is better than one who never tried.

    You know the type, shop steward to MP to DPM or Eton to Oxford to Central Office to PM. What about some Wellingtons or Churchills who did a bit first!

  25. See 11:21 supports his case with a link to an statement by Stuart Jeffrey of the Green Party. How reliably authentic is that?

    For your information, the Green Party hierachy have long since abandoned their environmental stance to play hard left politics that even the Socialist Workers Party would find it a bit extreme.

    Banks do not rule the world, not even Goldman Sachs, and any of them can be brought down by recession, sub-prime lending or a rogue trader as we have seen.

    Remember the seemingly higher up you are the further you have to fall as a few of the world's despots are finding out to their cost.

    By the way, I still think you are driving yourself nutty with all your parasite theories.

  26. I see old Bluenote is kicking into high gear with his disinfo campaign, to little avail, poor chap.

    The banks that rule the world will be brought down, but not by the causes you allude to. When enough people realise the extent to which they are being scammed by these shysters, it'll be game over.

    You mention the councillor's lack of influence in the City (????), as if that has some bearing on his ability to run the council honestly.

    Here is an analogy for you; if a jockey is seen in the company of gamblers, would you expect a fair ride from him?

  27. I am sure Bluenote, if he is still out there somewhere, is not interested or bothered by your poor chap label. Like me he is probably sick to death of your demented conspiracies and parasites in high places.

    If it gives you pleasure to think the world is run by banks because someone in the Green Party says so, be my guest. Once again I see the peasants are revolting in your imagination but then, some probably are!

  28. 4:51 I guess it depends whether it was a male of female jockey!

  29. You seem a bit hot under the collar 4:58, what's the prob mate? Seeing the 'dacha in the country' slipping from your apparatchik grasp?

  30. Seriously, 1:04, if anyone has a problem it is you. Do you honestly believe that anyone blogging down here in Thanet is part of some controlling elite. I'm just an ordinary bloke but with a bit more grey matter than you.

    Mind you, as I have said before, at the end of the day whatever turns you on.

  31. PS, 1:04, I am also pleased to say that I am not your mate. Couldn't handle the frenzied conspiracy plotting in the early hours. By 1AM I've had my hot chocolate and am tucked up in bed totally undistured by the Goldmans or the Rothchilds. Happy to leave all that worrying to you.

  32. Sorry, that should have read, grubby little apparatchik grasp.

    Grey matter, rofl. Then how come you backed the wrong horse, comrad?

  33. Comrad, what me? Being somewhere to the right of Ghensis Khan I find that lefty label rather offensive.

    Now you get to bed so you can stay up all night blogging your theories about parasites.

  34. But a smidge to the left of Stalin, I suspect.

    That is why I don't bother with labels, they are put out there solely to confuse and confound. To mislead the great unwashed into debating issues of no importance.

  35. 8:42, and just what the f*ck do you think you debate? Interested to see that the people have become the great unwashed.

  36. I'm putting a cap on this one, the conversation has deteriorated into a bonkers tit for tat argument.

    Thank you for your comments especially any that touched on the topic of superficial reporting by BBC South East