Monday, September 19, 2011

I hope this wont result in extradition?

theyre on to me

Crikey! I hope the comments (re Alex Salmond) in my previous posting don’t result in an international arrest warrant, courtesy of the Scottish Parliament, too late to backtrack.

Sometimes in an idle moment I trawl through, details from “sitemeter” which give details of vistor numbers, page visits and all that malarkey. Also attached to the detail are search word terms used to arrive via google etc, assuming its not one of my regulars.(incidentally this does not give information that would identify someone but does occasionally identify large organisations like BBC, News International etc.)search em

Anyhoo it seems that someone in Scottish Parliament, has found it necessary to look up references to the First Minister, I just wonder if Salmond demands a summary of what if anything has been written about him in the press when he gets into the office.scotlands town hallI just think it is sad, that the SNP are committed to the break up of the Union and full independence, just imagine how insignificant both England, Scotland, Wales and NI will be in Europe let alone the World.


  1. Its not just in Scotland.
    You may recall during the MP's expenses scandal that a leading Kent MP was paying an agency over £9000 per year on expenses to report back on any mention of the MP in the press.
    For example in 2004/05, the MP received between 43 and 119 cuttings every month, each package costing between £82 and £151 a time.

  2. Best lie low for a week or two then Tony, lol.

    As for devolution, I think there are UN plans to split countries up into new regions, or sectors anyway. Just to drive a final nail into the coffin of any feeling of patriotism that we may still have, in the wake of multiculturalism and post-industrial loss of pride.

  3. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear isnt that what they tell us ?

    HOLLIE GREIG v Shropshire Council - OPEN Court· Public event (unlike the closed secret family courts )

    Time 27 October · 10:00 - 16:00

    Location Court of Appeal, Royal Court of Justice, The Strand, London