Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank you for reading

Its not often I ask you for anything, today is an exception, I post this stuff and some of you indulge me, with comments etc, of course, some just click through to see how rude or critical I may have been, in the last week or so.


As you get this gratis, maybe you could do something, this month Macmillan hold the “WORLD’S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING” on Friday September 30th perhaps you could go along to one of their events, or if not donate some wonger here.

I doubt that anyone reading, will have been untouched by cancer in some way, for me although some time ago the death of my eldest sister, is as raw as ever when I’m reminded.

I know I've mentioned this before but it was a  Macmillan nurse, who had the ability to explain the severity of my eldest sister's illness, herself a nurse/midwife, simple enough, I suppose but not something her doctor could manage despite, my sister having only a hours to live, anyway Macmillan allowed my sister, to make the most of her remaining time . 

Without that intervention, my sister might not have had the chance to spend a final few hours with family. Macmillan are expert in cancer care and practical advice and go beyond what is possible for the NHS.

I always bung in a fiver whenever I see a collection tin, etc,  something you might consider, hopefully you’ll never need Macmillan but perhaps one day you’ll find yourself needing advice and support to cope with cancer.

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