Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still nobody takes responsibility Kent’s Child Care failings

excellent downgradeBBC report that KCC are making significant improvements to child care and lord knows they need to. For details of how they’ve improved things click to read the BBC local news report.

Still no news, as to who within Kent County Council is responsible for placing children at risk of significant harm, I suppose we will never be told, as KCC seems committed to side stepping this for reasons, we will have to guess.

So just where does ” the buck stop “ on this issue? Will Paul Carter ever sort out that enquiry as to what happened?

Finally KCC have a least had the decency and honesty to drop the claim to perform excellently, a bit of an exaggeration given the seemingly endless er… cock ups unfortunate occurrences, with staff, media, money and by far the worst children's services, I must say it would be difficult not to put Kent first, seeing as its on the stationary.Slogan remove


  1. Perhaps we should be grateful that the child care services are improving regardless who is in charge. Truth of the matter is that most of us would not know the person even if we were told.

  2. Well Anon 12.01 just maybe it was down to the policies of leader Paul Carter. KCC once had a policy of keeping vacant posts unfilled for months to reduce costs but at the same time putting a strain on the system. And just maybe he was responsible for appointing some of the senior staff on sky high pay who have since left with even bigger pay offs.
    He's often on TV and the radio so I think you may know him Anon.

  3. 1:16 Yes, I do know who Paul Carter is and what he looks like from press photos and TV but I have never met him. Furthermore, Tony was querying who is actually in charge of child services at KCC and name of that person, whoever it may be, will mean nothing to most people. That was my point.

    Of course, ultimately, the buck stops with Carter as leader and I am sure we are all aware of that and really do not need your 'teaching granny to suck eggs' comments.

  4. I Was asking who was responsibly, was It the political leader of the council an officer or the chief executive or some purely technical issue.

    2:07 must be some public sector unfamiliar with the concept of being accountable.

  5. Tony, I certainly have no problem with accountability. I made the original comment to at least acknowledge that things are now getting better and, perhaps facetiously, that it did not really matter whose name was in the frame as most of us would not know them anyway.

    In no way did I intend to imply that, if something has been done badly, no one should take the blame. Unfortunately, it seldom seems to happen in the public sector as Shoesmith is a good example. Profit out of failure in that case.

  6. Getting better we think NOT going to be held accountable we think SO.

    Just follow the money trail ....

    Manipulation Of Your Mind by Government Agenda [Brian Gerrish]

  7. Oh yes just follow the money !!!

    David Cameron accused of being in the pocket of the bankers who bankroll the Tories after £6.2million in donations

  8. Wonder how many of the American social workers take a child back with them or do they just pay them to fly over as potential adopters?
    Must be far easier to take children away from their families when you are a foreigner.

    1. How many internationally qualified social workers have you appointed
    over the last three years? Kent County Council has employed 101 qualified
    social workers.
    2. How many such social workers have left your Department? 19
    3. How many do you employ at the present time? 82

    4. What are their countries of qualification?

    American 20
    Belgium 1
    Bulgarian 1
    German 16
    Hungarian 1
    Portuguese 9
    Romanian 27
    Spanish 5
    Swedish 2
    Total 82

    5. If such social workers are on time limited contracts or have time
    limited immigration status do you have any plans to replace them and, if
    so, what are they?

    The American social workers have a time limited work permit/certificate of
    sponsorship which expires 2013. The requirement for such workers, and
    whether to retain them, will be assessed before this point against
    business need and the prevailing job market.