Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to School

ho11I had someone comment, that maybe I blog to frequently, and they have a point, so anyhow yesterday I was in sombre “back to school” mood, so tonight I shall stop badgering officials and just post up some holiday snaps.



  1. Should have taken your hols in Ramsgate and showed us your pics.

  2. Please, I can see Ramsgate any day of the week so Tony's snaps of a more sun soaked location have brightened my day.

  3. You certainly picked a beautiful spot there Tony. Wish I was there, lol.

    Ironically, the fact that we are supposed to be in a european union and heading towards a single world currency will soon mean nothing to us peasants.

    Under Agenda 21 only the lucky chosen few will have the freedom to travel to such exotic locations and even a trip to the smoke will need a government permit.