Friday, September 09, 2011

Postcard from Andalucia

Just back from my hols, managed a couple of blogs whilst away, but eventually I though why bother, when there were more important distractions, such as whether to have a beer or another bottle wine.

A few issues seemed too trivial to comment on such as nurses apparently wearing clothes with the legend "Do not Disturb" ( a clear indication of all that's wrong with the NHS and the contempt for patients ). 

I've had a good holiday, despite Thomson fly, er not flying, until 14 hours after they were due to, my last package holiday was similarly screwed up by Monarch, so this time I booked for 11 nights with the hope I might get 10, it worked, I would like to thank First Choice part of Thomson and TUI for giving a clear explanation, but " There's a slight delay due to hurricane Irene" followed by "The flight cancelled as the Hotel's closed" (What? ) then "The flight is cancelled because the airport is closed" (Easyjet and Monarch still listing it as a valid destination) ,  "The crew are out of hours" ( "That old Chestnut" remarked someone claiming to be an off duty Thomson staff member|) and finally closer to the truth "We couldn't get a crew"( it was a bank holiday weekend).

Waking up this morning at home, despite thinking that the air-con is a bit harsh, and finding the breakfast choice not so varied and the self service a bit more, hands on, I feel fully refreshed and at least I can have a cup of Earl Grey, marvelous! I shall be reading the papers.

I'm lucky I know, many never get to travel and although this is the first proper holiday in about 3 years I am privileged. 


  1. Good to hear somebody talking positively having enjoyed their break and one who appreciates their blessing. Makes a change from all the usual Thanet whingers variously blaming the TDC, Tories, masons or the world in general for all their ills.

  2. I'm sure that Tony will return to blaming the TDC, Tories, masons & the world in general asap.

  3. It doesn't matter who you blame for it is all the fault of Labour, new or old makes no difference, and take your pick from Attlee, Wilson, Callaghan, Blair or Brown as to who did the most damage.

    Mind you I don't actually dig the coalition government either so perhaps it is best to just savour Tony's postcard and dream of lazy days in the sun most of us can no longer afford. Suppose the truth is that politicians in general and well meaning liberals in particular have totally screwed the UK.

  4. Welcome back glad you enjoyed your break Tony

    I hope you get back to exposing all the secret societies that are operating within all the parties and government bodies until these are completely exposed many will keep on believing in the horse & pony show known as politics or more commonly known as BS.

  5. These Changing Timez Radio

    this show is a real eye opener why cant kent radio/media do the same I have learnt more in one evening than I have learnt in a life time listening to the rest of the rubbish being sprouted out by government media, come one Tony help be part of the solution not the problem !

  6. Fourteen hours late, next year I hop you do the right thing and travel by train. Visit and it shows you just how easy it is and plenty of leg room.