Sunday, October 30, 2011

Labour’s Vigilante Scare

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Labour locally, like their colleagues nationally, are in somewhat of a crisis, aware that most of the electorate have rumble them and realising that the Blair and Brown years, were based on mortgaging our future, and covered up by a whooping lie from Brown “the years of boom and bust are over”.

Local labour have played a pretty poor game of late, own goals like fighting against jobs, social housing, de-selection of Mark Nottingham who has been replaced Ian Driver of whom, it’s not clear (at least as I see it) whether he's still a member of the Labour party or not.

Still I have to say, its difficult not to admire, Cllr Driver who seems to have run rings round not just Labour but also the Tories particularly his deft influence and handling of the appalling cross channel export of live animals.

Getting back on topic, Labour have little to campaign on, as regards social issues they’ve gone the extra mile to stuff job opportunities and object to affordable housing, still crime, is always a good one for any party who’ve lost their way.

We told by the Gazette that, Labour councillors, Clive Hart, Linda Aldred and Doug Clark, are worried about gangs, vandalism and drug-dealing, and complaints are increasing in Cliftonville, something needs to be done. So serious is the problem that Clive Hart, no less has “written a letter to Kent Police and the council's chief executive to demand action.” and then something I find insulting, this comment  "We have serious concerns that decent local people could take matters into their own hands."

The inference is that you and I are so, stupid and bonkers, that we are about to tool up, and presumably stalk the streets of Thanet and what?  of course it’s utter nonsense but it makes for a good photo, Clive Hart looking determined and his colleagues maybe a little surprised and puzzled.

I’m not belittling the fact that crime, may be on the rise, and here in Margate we clearly have problems exacerbated, if not created by Labour’s time in office particularly the social experiment in mass migration, which the Labour cabinet showed scant regard nationally for the welfare of either millions of low paid workers or easily exploitable migrants.

Despite what Cllr Clive Hart has to say, what he needs to take on board, is that Labour are to blame for a crass policy of social engineering that has caused considerable stress and strain on society, however most of us a little smarter and more tolerant than he gives us credit, clearly Thanet Labour are a disgrace, if they are following Clive Hart’s lead in what I’m sure is inflammatory scare mongering.

If anyone can answer this, just exactly what is the basis of Cllr Clive Hart’s  “serious concerns” slur against his own constituents, you couldn’t make it up!


  1. If you take a look at the police crime stats web site you will see that the trend for Margate is that crime was up in July/August but for September it has fallen back to April/May levels of about 530 crimes a month. As for a drugs problem in Margate in the last few months there have been only a handful of arrests. It could mean that the police are just turning a blind eye to drug dealing and offences or are just not present on the steeets in numbers. It will be interesting to see the effect of the CCTV being turned off. Maybe local labour should take a look at the stats.

    As for Labour nationally they seem to be holding up in the polls as they have done for the last year.
    Last weeks poll of polls show Cons on 35%, Lab 40% and Libdems on 10%.
    Looks like the lack of policies does not concern the public.

  2. 8 53 The point is labour are shamelessly manipulating crime as a propaganda tool, are we really to believe that the usually law abiding citizens are going morph into baseball toting thugs?

    As for how the polls are standing, does any seriously believe, that when push comes to shove that ed millinand is a serious contender,

  3. Normally the swing against incumbent governments after a year, especially when forced to bring in austerity measures, is far greater than the polls currently indicate. Hence, Labour have nothing to feel smug about and, with the criticism that exists of TDC, should have done far better than they did in May in Thanet.

    Dangerous ground suggesting the populace will resort to vigilante tactics for it might just encourage a few hot heads to give it a go. Hardly the leadership example expected of local councillors, but, as you say, it makes for a photo shoot, however pathetic.

    As to the immigration contribution, perhaps a parrallel can be drawn with the animal world where the introduction of non-indigenous species seriously endangers the native inhabitants. Maybe we will ultimately go the way of the red squirrel or the vole.

  4. You should try and walk down Ramsgate's King street late at night.

    Late night some moron (someone's waste of space son) put his face in mine and said "Trick or Treat" he got a treat all right - and his mates run off. He did not see the size of the dog I had on a lead, he fair pee'd his pants.

    I guess Bignews that the system does not get all the complaints it ought to - and of course the last 5 years or more of social engineering from Margate to Ramsgate's Eastcliff and King street areas with the inevitable results, your most welcome to them back if you want?

  5. I thought it was the other way round 10:48? Just last week (on the front page of The Thanet Times) it was reported that a woman in Ramsgate was evicted due to noisy all night parties - & then rehoused in Cliftonville.

  6. 10:48 with you all the way. Just a few years back I used to collect my daughter regularly from Clarendon House and sometimes do a bit of shopping in the High Street. Have not had much call to go there since until a couple of days ago. Appalled at the change in Ramsgate town centre for the worse over the intervening period.

    Very sad for I went to school there myself and have fond memories of the old place. Anyway well done on standing up to the yob, but that is different to going out deliberately to track them down like a bounty hunter. Now there is an idea worth pursuing for I know a few ex-troopies who would jump at the chance of earning a few bob.

  7. That was to put her closer to you, Peter, for a photo session! Bit younger than your usual models too.

  8. 10:57, I think we can say the same about Margate High Street, though strange that Broadstairs & Birchington remain largely respectable (perhaps because TDC don't rehouse scumbags there?).

    1058, She's a bit too rough even for my tastes!

  9. Bit of rough is OK once in a while as long as it is not habit forming.

  10. As for a photo shoot wouldn't it be better to be seen doing something worthwhile rather that scaring the voters into staying at home. There are many many more worthwhile topics labour are silent about not just locally but nationally as well. I dont think they are up to opposition and definatly not up to being in power.

  11. Maybe Clive has been visiting the Kent Police Museum Facebook page ?

    Interest in Thanet and Deal from our Danish, Spanish and Norwegian brethren ?

    Perhaps some are concerned about UK failure to comply with the 1990 EU resolution calling on member states to dismantle all unauthorized military activity such as the photo showing an unlawful military training mission of 1982 organised in Deal Barracks and involving police. An unlawful mission to train Belgian Police para-commando units. The Belgian Police Para Commando units later investigated by Belgian Senate in compliance with EU and connected with 24 terrorist murders in Belgium ??

    Or was the failure to comply with the EU resolution just Kent Plod?

    Why wouldn't Mark Nottingham's Euro MP boss query this in EU ? Another Euro MP, when asked, did so!

    Why didn't Kent Plod check the scaffolding owned by murder victim David O'Leary 2008 ?

    well wasn't Peter Wells under a huge Kent Police inquiry from 2007 ? A case ongoing at the time of David O'Leary's murder ? Isn't scaffolding a means to transport drugs within poles (called "Importing" ) ? Why no check of David O'Leary's scaffolding stock? Did £300,000 worth of cocaine suddenly come onto Thanet market in 2008 ? Well PLod said the lad was into organised crime so why didn't the murder inquiry refelect that then ? Either clear his name or conduct a drugs inquiry as part of the murder inquiry.

    What about the 1996 murder of retired MI5 officer Ken Speakman in Ramsgate ? Hasn't the case officer, retired Det Ch Supt Nick Biddiss, just felt obliged to contact force professional standards that there may be Deal barracks related aspects of the murder that went uninvestigated ?

    That must be galling as he had just criticised the Murdoch press and Kent Plod colleagues for leaking against his 1996 M25 road rage murder inquiry (Kenny Noye)

    No sooner had he told press that he felt the leaking to Murdoch press had put his murder inquiry case officers at risk, than he felt obliged to record, with Force Pro Standards, an informed second guess of his Ken Speakman murder inquiry as well ?

    Kent Plod shambles. Perhaps Clive is cottoning on. Just look at who in Thanet tories served as a special in Kent Plod. Later arrested for paramilitary activity within the Territorial Army. Wasn't he a paramilitary when decked out in the blue of Kent Clownstabulary ?

    Kent Plod has been a shambles in Thanet since the 70s. The poor relation area of Kent consigned to put up with the plod Kent police would not impose on the other areas ?

  12. Not the Deal bombing yet again, Rick,you certainly know how to bore the pants off people.

  13. 3.37

    Well done a vast amount of information collected lets hope it doesnt just disappear, keep exposing the unexposable.

  14. 12:08, it is not so much information as speculation and it has been banded about for years to no avail. If there was a grain of truth in it, there would have been arrests by now or the elimination of the source if the cover up theories are to be believed.

  15. 10.51

    Do you really expect the police to police themselves ? I suspect there is plenty of evidence for what anon 3.37 claims along with many others who have been directly affected by the crimes of the state and policed by the state. Unfortunately we do not have a honest system run by the people for the people to hold them to account only a criminal cabal at present.

    There is plenty of evidence out there if you care to research.

  16. 11:35, if you must perpetutae these theories of yours at least treat the rest of us with a bit of respect. We are not so stupid as to not being able to recognise you support your own comments. You are 3:37 and, like I said earlier, if there was truth in your allegations, you would have disappeared long ago.

  17. Please note further Bollix comments referring to children being abducted by ira terrorist cells in conjunction with bullshot groups of boy scouts, blimin masons assisted by rick and aliens from the planet thanet will be removed

    Now please just move along and feck off

    Er please and thank you

  18. Im a little disappointed really. The thoughts of SuperClive all tooled up, fighting crime and saving the day...Im feeling safer already.

  19. Perhaps better Clive, or any other politician, James, than the professional police - given Simon Moores recent experience of them and comments.

  20. It is, sadly, no surprise to read the ‘Cliftonville three’s’ outrageous claims of threats of vigilante action, of which there is no independent evidence, nor warning from them using the proper channels.

    One wonders if the Cliftonville Three are about to claim victory for the increased police presence – a personal commitment to the area from the Chief Constable some months ago; or for the decreased crime figures - down some 2% in the last year through the hard work of those they criticise The Community Safety Partnership has good relations with the strong and supportive residents and street associations of the area. As a result of this quiet cooperation 92 cases of anti social behaviour have been investigated across Cliftonville West, resulting in evictions, Acceptable Behaviour Agreements, and referrals for mediation. The newly formed street scene enforcement team have responded to more than 600 complaints, and served more than 147 penalty notices on a quiet, consistent, daily basis. Perhaps this is just Clive Hart’s usual ongoing effort to run the area he represents down; in news releases, television appearances, and speeches; constantly undermining confidence, property values, and self esteem. But is this not a strange position for our Council’s Chairman to find himself in? How many other Civic Representatives appear in their local press rubbishing their area’s reputation?
    Fortunately, as you state, the good people of Cliftonville West, in daily contact with the officers who tackle the problems, are blessed with more robust common sense, and see their area, and their responsibilities, in a more rounded way.

  21. Funny how Wells can crawl out of the woodwork to add to cheap political-scoring, but has been silent on so many other local issues that have been affecting us of late. Like the County Council Leadership elections, for example. No wonder the public are so turned off and disgusted by politicians - of all Parties. They are interested in themselves and their futures, not the well-being of the public they represent.

  22. Did the KCC leadership election actually matter to anyone? Carter's re-election was pretty obvious... The press made it out to be a huge event where the Council was going to be overhauled and enormous change was to happen but in reality he won overwhelmingly and the world continued to revolve.

    If readers really think that re-election was a "local issue" then something is very wrong indeed...

  23. Funny how you, 7:36, can spark into action whenever a Conservative politician puts his head above the parapet, to take a pot shot, whilst you remain totally silent during the outrageous claims of Labour ones. Your alleged disregard for all politicians is but a front, for you are red right down to your grots.

    Cllr. Wells statement shows a far greater maturity and responsible approach to the question of law and order than the very irresponsible rabble rousing efforts of Cllr Hart and colleagues.

  24. Elsewhere, on the south side of the isle, Cllr Dave Green (he who ate all the pork pies)makes a big political point about youth club funding. Is he not aware that the only youth club that ever effectively kept youths off the streets, was National Service.

  25. Some of us enjoy squabbling, Peter, so you just settle back with your Cliff music and leave us to it.

  26. How can you put Cliff and music in the same sentence? Give me Lou Rawls anyday.

  27. Anon of 08.50, I thought you wanted to end these increasingly pointless exchanges?

    You and others routinely and regularly make selective and one-sided assaults on those who stand on the left politically. No problem with that. I am just sorry that you find the introduction of some balance offensive.

    As to the specifics about Wells, he has a long history of either running away from debate when the heat is turned up on him, of not answering or commenting on anything that resembles a criticism of his Tory Party's stance and activities, and of "pleading the fifth" when it suits him. Let's ignore Carter's election and look instead at the Tory shenanigans around the Revoultion Skateboard Park a couple of years ago and the heap of issues around child care in Kent (raised so often by Tony Flaig). Just so you know there is evidence to support my assertion.

  28. 8:34, You are quite right and they are ended. You spout your anti-Tory stuff all you like and I will not bat an eyelid. Peace be with, mon ami!

  29. LOU RAWLS no you are talking he sang the backing vocals in Sam Cookes Bring it Home if i am n ot mistaken. Generally recognised as one the first "soul" songs. Good man whoever you are. You have taste yeah yeah yeah

  30. Classic taste in Thanet no less. Lou Rawls, Sam Cooke, pure class whilst our old friend, Peter, listens to Cliff and Shawaddywaddy.

    You have a good weekend 10:21 and try Lou Rawls version of 'Lady Love' on Youtube. Magic! That's where I'm going now.

  31. And check out Showaddywaddy's version of Sam Cooke's 'Chain Gang' on YouTube while you're at it (featuring the late & very great Buddy Gask on lead vocals), as good as the original in it's own way.

    PS. 'A Change Is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke remains one of my all-time favourite records (though Otis' version comes close).

  32. PS. Also check out Lou's version of Donovan's 'Season Of The Witch', it's really something.

  33. The Police UK web site crime stats shows 466 crimes for January in Margate and 614 in September. Maybe crime has shifted from Cliftonville to the rest of the area but the trend is up.

    Yesterday cllr Hart sent the local MP a letter correcting a statement she had issued.


    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Clive Hart
    To: Laura Sandys ; Laura Sandys
    Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 6:00 PM

    Dear Laura Sandys

    I understand you have released a statement, part of which says:

    'some councillors in recent weeks have suggested vigilante actions are needed to bring crime down'

    I do sincerely hope you are not referring to any Labour councillors, who most certainly WOULD NOT call for this type of action.

    In a joint letter dated 14th October 2011, Cllr Linda Aldred, Cllr Doug Clark and I warned the Police Area Commander and the TDC Chief Executive that we had serious concerns that local people might take matters into their own hands. This was following a ward surgery where more than one resident suggested precisely this course of action to us. We quite rightly warned them firmly against any such action and subsequently informed the Police and TDC at the highest level. I think you'll agree this is absolutely contrary to the description you have used in your statement.

    One of my fellow councillors is a highly qualified and experienced community development worker and the other is a JP of 28 years standing. I have spent my adult life working for community cohesion in Margate, Cliftonville and across Thanet. If you are referring to our efforts in Cliftonville West to avert residents taking matters into their own hands you should urgently retract this statement and apologise.


    Cllr Clive Hart

  34. There is a very narrow line between 'calling for' and 'fearing it might happen.' Whatever his seemingly justifiable outrage, Clive Hart was guilty of irresponsible scare mongering whilst holding public office.

    Shame he does not have a day job to keep him out of mischief when he is not swimming or holding meetings.

  35. “This was following a ward surgery where more than one resident suggested precisely this course of action to us.”

    No additional intelligence suggesting this may happen; more than one resident -less than three? On one occasion?

    Did the Cliftonville three approach anyone through the usual, quiet channels, or choose to leak to the press a grandstanding letter, encourage an irresponsible newspaper story, and demand others take responsibility?.

    Their actions speak much louder than their words; their post action explanations, and exhaustively described veneer of respectability, in attempting to justify what most will abhor, and understand should have been done quietly, if a real and serious threat existed, show them as Cassandra’s of doom, and sensationalist press junkies, once again.

  36. Its worth noting that Clive Hart has nothing to say of consequence, he didn't speak up about Labours contribution to increasing poverty.

    Clive Hart does nothing to highlight positives, the best thing he ever did if I remember was to resign from a shadow post on Kent council to spend more time with his constituents LOL

    How many times has Clive Hart referred to his ward as a dumping ground, pity they haven't dumped him yet.

    Still waiting to see if justice is ever seen to be done in that deselection case locally in which we saw a former "Real" Labour bod replace a genuine long standing hard working labour colleague.

  37. Bit like the Ward you fought in May dumping you Tony...even before you had a chance to "represent" them, eh?

  38. 9:14 you cannot be dumped before you are even picked up. You really are a nasty little git with your snide comments.

    Tony runs an interesting blog site where we can have a whinge and does not insist we share his views, though on Clive Hart I definitely do.

  39. To quote Tony, wash your mouth out and try again, Anon. Why aren't you referring to Tony's remark about Clive being dumped as "snide". Ah, I see, things are only snide when you don't agree with them...

  40. Got it in one, 5:34, what a remarkably clever little chap you are.

  41. Awww, thanks. Now get back to work. You can't be on a lunch break yet, surely? What will your colleagues call you?

  42. Frankly, in the immortal words of Reb Butler, I don't give a damn! See, getting demob happy already, but, sad to say, our exchanges will shortly have to end for, far from having a secure future, I will need to concentrate on earning a crust elsewhere. Indeed, relocation looks a strong possibility with Nigeria offering serious bucks for security officers.

    Not what I would have chosen at my time of life, but needs must and two years there can equal ten here.

    You have a good strike.