Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can we talk?

I cannot imagine a sadder and more potentially controversial subject than that provoked by the trial of the nine predators who abused young girls in Rochdale.

I have a few questions, to my mind, its simple this crime was possible because the men involved appeared not to view white girls as equal, although according to the independent "Despite far-right claims to the contrary, the police, social services and the Crown Prosecution Service do not link the offences to the ethnicity of the convicted men – eight of whom were of Pakistani origin, while the ninth was an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Instead agencies said it was a matter of criminal circumstance. 

One question bothers me most and it is this, it seems some incredible coincidence, that the men involved were exclusively from a Pakistani/Afghan community and extraordinarily they didn't chose girls from their own ethnicity, just what are the odds of that happening since the authorities believe criminal circumstance rather than a racially aggravated crime it appears to most of us?

Perhaps I just don't understand, anyhow, I don't think its just me and I strongly recommend this article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown from Wednesdays Independent.

Can we talk is a question that always comes to mind when discussing cultural differences, due to half wit PC arbiters. 


  1. There are many angles to this one, Tony, but to answer your question, it does seem rather odd that the plod should believe that this has nowt to do with ethnic differences, and have the arrogance to try to sell that to us.

    Some of these public servants seem to be under a fair amount of mind control. It would be quite comical it it were not so sad.

  2. Can we talk ?

    The answer is probably "Yes" but no longer honestly and openly, there is far too much NLP Common Purpose politically correct involvement, which prevents (as it was designed to) a true public debate.

    And child protection as we all know is anything BUT , too many snorts in the trough on the make.

  3. Whereas Trevor Phillips, the Head of the Equalities Commission says the racial factor cannot be ignored, too many of our public services are so indoctrinated in 'diversity' that they are incapable of reaching such a conclusion. The police almost live in fear of being branded institutuionally racist since the Lawrence case.

    If we stop and think about it, these convicted men are from a culture that treats women as second class citizens, but which demands they are pure, faithful and covered up so as not to tempt. With such a mind set how must they view our scantilly dressed, seemingly promiscuous teenage girls. They must seem like the fulfillment of their wildest fantasies.

    Add the vunerability and lack of direct parental care that many of these girls suffered from, and it was all too easy for these sexual predators. The white girls were there and easy prey, their own girls in the main are not. There is also a touch of racial disrespect involved.

    Sadly we live in a society obsessed with sex, yet one all too often afraid to face the real truth lest someone or some group become offended. Unless we get to grips with this the rise of extremists will continue, ultimately offering the potential for another final solution to the problem.

  4. Is your own decision to now approve comments first not part of this same problem. It would seem that we are all becoming so afraid of offending that debate is stifled. Even on your blog now, Tony, comments are delayed thus potentially losing some of their impact as a response to others at the time.

  5. If they had chosen (or even had the opportunity to choose) girls from their own ethnicity, they would be dead.

  6. Tony where is the tiggywinkles blog?

  7. Free speech 'strangled by law that bans insults' and is abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors

  8. Kent should be taking a leaf out of this brave elderly ladies book.

    The truth is the truth is the truth !

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