Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Margate Mayor what's it all about? Labour Lording it up!

I have to say I'd forgotten about the Margate Mayor making malarkey, until what I believe to have been one of those chauffeur driven civic cars (it had one of those coat arms type thingies could have been the queen I suppose) failing to indicate yesterday and cutting across my path at a roundabout up by the hospital.

Anyhoo I've always thought that the idea of a mayor is an anachronism, which should be left  back in the middle ages where it belongs, particularly of the ceremonial type, admittedly such posts exist in general to give elderly past it dinosaurs, grown to tired to deal with the everyday horse trading of politics

Quite what Cllr Will Scobie has to offer in the role is beyond me, other than of course, to benefit the Labour Party's chances of securing a Kent county seat, with Will ingratiating himself visiting local organisations and old peoples homes and engaging no doubt in scintillating conversation, on life, politics and who knows what.

I worry that Will Scobie has the potential to become that, irritating cliche in politics the career politician, yes he is clearly talented and untainted, particularly some of the more outlandish activities in Thanet Labour.

I'm always troubled by the pomp surrounding politics, just coming back to the TDC? civic car ( or what I assume was)  this seems a terrible waste of money, maybe posts such as Chairman of Thanet Council, could be given to those able to drive themselves, funding the cost out of those allowances we hear so much of.

I realise politicians have thick skins but I just wonder if Labour bods get embarrassed Lording it up.


  1. You will have the PC and pro bicycle brigades on to you Tony.
    " maybe posts such as Chairman of Thanet Council, could be given to those able to drive themselves"

  2. The mayor must have been going to the opening of the 86 million pound road to nowhere. You cant complain that KCC only builds roads in West Kent.

  3. It's part of our culture Tony! We'll have nothing left but Indian takeaways, Japanese TVs and American music if we don't hang on to some traditions.

  4. Tony, The trouble is that the Town sergeant does not carry a used nappy bag!!!!

  5. I thought it was the older ones who suffer from incontinence?

  6. You should know, Pete, for you are not far away from it now.

  7. The United Kingdom, is both a common law and statute law tradition, a statute is a legislated rule of a society, which has the force of law upon members of that society; a society being a fictional legal entity such as a corporation.The Government of the UK is not a nation occupying a geographical location, but instead merely a corporation with de-facto authority, rather than lawful. This corporation can only make corporate/contract law that has the force of law only upon its consenting members.

    Simply refuse to consent/contract with all this pomp and ceremony or PC brigade.