Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's not just me then, Conservatives give their verdict

Found at the bottom of the Bignews In-Tray, some rather passionate, press release (below) from Thanet Conservatives.

A tad intemperate in its language but there appears little to disagree with in the content.

As always I keep an open mind, have always been inclusive and honest, unlike some bigots in Thanet and if anyone from Labour would like to retort, please knock yourself out, Bignews Margate, now in its seventh year is still fighting hypocrisy in the pursuit of truth and justice, and the British way of life.

My view is that Clive Hart, will struggle to justify recent events, still if he can cobble together a response I will happy to publish it, even better a response which is signed and supported by the whole council Labour group (not likely!).

Press Release 21 May 2012

The Perversion of Democracy in Thanet

At last week’s Annual General Meeting, the minority Labour administration at Thanet District Council sealed a sordid alliance with the Thanet Independent Group members to retain their hold on power.
The pact ordered by socialist Council Leader Cllr.Clive Hart was a cynical and desperate manoeuvre to keep his party in control, and was further discredited by his nomination of all three TIG members (Cllrs. Cohen, Driver and Worrow) to the chairmanships of the most powerful committees at the Council, giving these largely unrepresentive councillors, two of whom have changed parties since they were elected only last year, large allowances to guarantee their continuing support.

TIG members have already secured concessions from the Labour administration costing many thousands of pounds to secure their votes and there can be no doubt that further concessions will be solicited in the future to keep the TIGs onside.

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Bob Bayford said: “Every true and principled member of the Labour Group at Thanet District Council must be feeling ashamed today after their leader’s capitulation to the demands of the Thanet Independent Group. I call on all those with any decency to reassert their party’s honour by instructing their leader to meet with me to discuss an arrangement which has the proper interests of Thanet residents at heart, or to stand down.”



  1. So how else could the council work? Maybe a tory or even Tony can tell us. I can only assume that the tories could not form a working relationship with anybody. I cant see a great deal has been done by TDC in the last 8 years to get Thanet on its feet again. KCC and the Arts council have put in millions to try and kick start the regeneration but Margate high street and the Dreamland site together with some very grim parts of Ramsgate dont how any signs that the tory led TDC was achieving anything.

  2. 0436 = Labour luvvie or Tiggywinkle. Take your pick

  3. Fair points Anon 4:36, coalitions of the unwilling seem to be all the rage these days which says a lot about the apathetic voters who look at the current system and wish it could be exchanged for something else.

    Coalitions are interesting and if we ever get to a PR based election system something we can expect to see a lot more of, but this coalition with TDC Labour and TDC TIG getting together is extremely interesting given the positions of power TIG are to hold within the council and the money to be lavished on them...
    Remember Clive a few years back telling us all how he believed that Councillors should help reduce the costs of TDC given the financial crisis? and now he is taking tens of thousands of extra pounds from his ever decreasing pot of cash to pay for all of this!

    From my perspective as a left of centre leftie I cannot see TDC Labour representing anything I consider important, all I see is a group of people clinging to power in minority by "buying" the votes of independant Councillors.

  4. So come on Tim what is your solution with the numbers of councillors involved for each party? I will remind you of the numbers, 25 labour, 24 tory, 3 tig and 3 other independents. Don't be shy its easy to be critical but not constructive.

  5. Good onyer Clive. Anything that keeps the return of a Tory admin at bay is fine with me.

  6. What an easily pleased, simple soul you must be 10:43. Socialism at any price even if that means selling out to two renegade Tories and a former Scargilite. Big question is will Clive ultimately wear a pink shirt to keep his new friends happy.

  7. In relation to the first post about Dreamland - all the hard work has been done not by TDC but by the Campaign and its supporters.