Monday, May 21, 2012


Shock horror after making a few phone calls, Friday it has been confirmed that you can still, blog or tweet from the council chamber, restrictions on using phones refer to the distractions of receiving or making calls and of course filming, recording or taking photos is strictly forbidden, since some councillors believe as some other primitive cultures that you might capture their souls (I think). 

I have it on good authority that the Labour Alliance, did not dob me in for using of my phone last thursday at the AGM, however I now understand that even the most mild remark, which would take some stretch of the imagination, will be reported as a hate crime, my apologies to Ren Wood. I understand that at least one councillor claims to make regular complaints, to the police, however this is in no way to infer that any councillors are time wasting busy bodies, with no sense of humour or the self obsession or that they are the only "independent in the village".

Seeking clarity from Kent plod, I am advised that if I like, I can run past comments, and they will advise me accordingly. so I shall presumably be wasting a lot of police time combating bonkers allegations by Thanet's cranks as I seek to hold to my liberal view of life and freedom. Incidentaly having given a summary of the then deleted comment to old bill, like me they couldn't see anything wrong. 

Back to last weeks Council AGM, I'm told that elements of the new happy Labour Alliance family were not trying to intimidate or bully, and  what I thought was a group of them having some crazy staring competition, was just the fixed glare of councillors for a minute or two, wondering how long it would take a council officer to pounce on me, (with three councillors pointedly gazing in my direction ) for not making phone calls, taking photos or stealing souls. 

When local councillors have finished helping themselves to err..... allowances lets hope they get on and do something for Thanet, although you can expect more shenanigans, as local councillors stab each other in the back  position themselves for selection.

Just to clarify those who shout the loudest about equality, diversity, and then threaten to call the police at anything that challenges their own insecurities, are not democrats.

Any how because of the growing level of threats to free speech, police action etce, which I believe are coming from Thanet councillors, you will note that I have had to yield to this perverse and malign abuse. I deleted one comment last week, because one councillor, threatened me with police action, the comment was in my view, inoffensive and more to the point hypothetical referring to well I dare not say because..err.

So here's another hypothetical point, where somebody in public life issues a threat to contact the police over a comment made on this site, how would you characterise them?

I really cannot comment and sadly neither should you.


  1. He wouldn't be someone who gets 'orrid voicemail messages would he?

  2. Tony, the best way to deal with these people is to ignore their tantrums and silly actions.

    They crave advertisement of their actions and if ignored will soon get fed up

  3. I agree with Readit and would further add that I would keep my voting paper in my pocket, as who will know what 'side' my candidate would be on a few weeks after
    Earlier today I searched the web for a list of ALL Thanet Councillors along with their photos and failed to find one.
    Anyone have any ideas where this may be found?

  4. Col
    Try the TDC website

  5. Thanks Tim. I had no idea that there were so many of them!

  6. Public servants be it councillors or 'old bill' should have nothing to fear if they have nothing to hide....unfortunately for them many private individuals believe they have much they would prefer was kept hidden but not for much longer it will all come out in the wash.

    Where is the law that says you cant film public servants in public buildings there isn't one ?