Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stratford and Hackney Olympics another example of Bent Britain

I cannot remember the last day, that I wasn't reminded of  Britains slide toward corruption and the increasing curb of personal liberty. 

I see daily how the country is in a frenzy of excitement as the sacred flame from Greece makes its way to the  Hackney and Stratford Olympics, whipped up by an on message BBC, who blandly cover the hysterical scenes daily and at times hourly on BBC news channel with absolutely no journalistic treatment whatsoever basically, BBC which often kids us about its fearsome independence but is acting like sleazy Public relations outfit.

I know I'm a miserable cynic and yes of course there is nothing wrong with celebrating this event, but that said, a news channel is surely for news items, the daily six o'clock news is for news. I just wonder if they have to devote so much airtime, maybe they could perhaps question aspects of the PR fest such as the CO2 emissions from all this malarkey.

Still  I suppose the fantasy of the Hackney and Stratford Olympics, is preferable to the ragbag of bent cabinet ministers, crooked cops and journalists we hear so much of. 


  1. "Stratford and Hackney Olympics another example of Bent Britain"

    You drew me in with this inflammatory headline, but there is nothing in your blog to substantiate this! What are you on about?

  2. Just to let your readers know that there is a lot more to the Olympics than East London.

    Greenwich Park on the south bank of the River Thames in south east London.
    Sport: Equestrian events - Jumping, Dressage and Eventing, Paralympic Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon

    Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, the political centre of the UK. Sport: Beach Volleyball

    Hyde Park in London's West End
    Sport: Triathlon, 10k Open Water Swim

    Lord’s Cricket Ground
    Sport: Archery

    Millennium Dome: The O2 in Greenwich - on the point of the Greenwich peninsula
    Arena 1- Sport: Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball
    Arena 2 Sport: Badminton, Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Regents Park
    Sport: Road cycling

    The Royal Artillery Barracks on Woolwich Common in south east London
    Sport: Shooting, Paralympic Shooting, Paralympic Archery

    Wembley Stadium in north west London, around six miles from the city centre.
    Sport: Football

    Wimbledon in south west London
    Sport: Tennis
    Out of London Olympic Games venues

    The Broxbourne White Water Canoe Centre in Hertfordshire
    Sport: Canoe Slalom
    Location - 30km north of the Olympic Park, on the edge of the 1,000-acre River Lee Country Park which is part of the 26-mile long, 10,000 acre Lee Valley Regional Park in Hertfordshire.

    Eton Dorney near Windsor
    Sport: Rowing, Paralympic Rowing, Canoe Sprint
    About Eton Dorney - The venue is a 2,200m, eight lane rowing course with a separate return lane constructed to international standards. It is set in a 400-acre park with a nature conservation area.

    Hadleigh Farmis to the east of London, in Essex.
    Sport: Mountain Bike

    Hampden Park in Glasgow is Scotland's national stadium.
    Sport: Football

    The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is Wales' national stadium.
    Sport: Football

    Old Trafford in Manchester is home to Manchester United Football Club.
    Sport: Football

    St James’ Park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north east of England
    Sport: Football

    Villa Park in the West Midlands
    Sport: Football

    Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour in Dorset on England's south coast.
    Sport: Sailing, Paralympic Sailing

  3. Careful remember what happened to Rik Clay when he told the truth about whats behind the agenda for the Olympics on Red Ice radio.

  4. Yep you are right Tony you are Miserable.