Friday, May 04, 2012

Tony Blair makes come back -To "re-engage" with UK politics

I often read newspapers the following day, since as I frequently work nights I don't buy a paper until late afternoon, as I forage for food in tesco for dinner.

That has nothing to do with this post I just read this morning however that Tony Blair is to return to the UK political scene with a view I understand to haveing discrete chats to former colleague's, still since much of the Middle East has gone up in flames since he became Peace envoy or whatever, I fear for the worse, that he might be trying to sleeze back into British politics.

According to the i newspaper he has sought the approval of Ed Milliband to have discussions with small groups of MP's, quite what they could learn from the great man, will no doubt become clearer.

Still since in the last parliament his colleagues, in the main knew just how far too push the old expenses without going to clink, and in this one they've managed to equally well, to expose Rupert Murdoch for err... being the newspaper mogul he is, without highlighting the toadying and or brown nosing done by himself, the much esteemed Brown and rag bag of chancers in the Labour party.

So what the heck has Blair baby got to teach, well here are a few topics he could speak on, though not sure how expert he is

How to ingratiate yourself with US presidents.

How to maximise rewards for sucking up to and aiding American business to loot Iraq (oil, defence, and banking) 

How to involve your country in illegal wars.

How after being involved in starting middle eastern wars, you become a middle eastern peace ambassador.

How to retain your job as Middle Eastern peace envoy despite increased gunfire, flames and explosions, breakdown of law, civil war and the usual human rights abuses

How to retain the common touch while heading up an organisation modestly called "The Office of Tony Blair"

I could go on but I'm sure readers could supply many more similar suggestions.

Anyway that's all for now, from The Office (er armchair) of Tony Flaig (delusional blogger) Bignews Margate.

PS Note to Tony Blair please don't re-engage with UK politics, you've done enough damage and most of us, will probably be paying for the rest of our lives for your self promoting, economy wrecking government. 


  1. Hear hear Tony. Last thing we want is St Tone returning in any shape or form.
    Is the baby Flaig announcement in the IoTG a grandchild? If it is, congratulations.

  2. Teach me to read your posts out of order - congratulations!

  3. No worries what a flipping nightmare, crooked labour cashing in on efforts to rectify the damage caused by idiot labour ministers.

    You couldn't make it up as one local labour Muppet might put it.

  4. Tesco? Support your small independent shops Tony!

  5. Careful Tony didnt you know we are no longer allowed to criticize any political party members ?

    I'm not a fan of any of them including this lot but this is shocking.

    Video: Totalitarian regime in Britain as political police persecute BNP candidate – Shocking!

  6. Well done Tony, no comment from Hart and labour cronies on their Patron Saint!!

  7. Blair's popularity seems to be flagging a bit, if the comments for that Independent piece are any guide.

  8. People on mass now realise it makes no difference who gets in, nothing changes for the better. In fact they seem to make the majority of us worse off in so many ways. They ignore us, we ignore them. Imagine if all those non voters got on board the British Constitution Group. We would have our Lawful Rebellion tomorrow.

    The electorate’s silent, withering rebellion against the political class – Telegraph Blogs

  9. This man should be in prison.