Friday, June 15, 2012

KENTWATCH Paul Carter - Kent Council Fat Cat payouts confirmed again?

Paul Carter, Kent County Council leader, once again tries to convince the public of his administrations competence? as the true cost of the Conservatives, fall out last year with senior officer, Katherine Kerswell, becomes apparent.

No Shock, that the Tory Council lead by Paul Carter, paid out £420,000.00 of your money, we've seen this sort of fat cat payment, all too often under his leadership.

Excuse me if I yawn, after several weeks of denials from senior Tories, and almost unbelievable misinformation from Kent Councils media statements, Paul Carter had the front, to inform us at the end of last year, that Chief Executive, Katherine Kerswell, had been made redundant, inferring that this was part of, a well though out cost cutting strategy, ignoring weeks of denial when the Chief officer of the council looked to have mysteriously disappeared from her office. 

When Kent council finally fessed up,  to having got rid of Kerswell, I don't think it surprised his colleagues, even though I believe, they were kept in the dark for weeks, for myself, it all seemed a bit odd, that Paul Carter, expected anyone, including himself to believe that Kent Council, had dispensed with Kerswell,  as part of an orderly cost saving programme when for weeks KCC, were being schtum, with the million pound media office, doing what they seem to do best, not answering questions.

As I  implied earlier, the consistency of expensive foul ups, cock ups, call it what you will is the signature of Carter's competence as a Leader, and every bit, building to a tedious catalogue of waste, endorsed and encouraged by unimaginative and unambitious Tory toffs, happy to top up to their pensions with an extra grand. 

Anyhow that's all for now, just the thought that Paul Carter is the best Kent Conservatives have, drains me.

PS in tonight's report on the subject BBC South East Today why didn't the report balance the item with a comment from the opposition leader, after Paul Carter had spoken, surely not the bias I'm told that doesn't exist.


  1. Even more galling was the way he tried to justify it on BBC local news this evening.
    This bloke needs a come uppance.

  2. It really is a worry that Carter is the best they've got.

  3. money-grubbing sociopaths, the lot of them!Saturday, 16 June 2012 at 07:29:00 BST

    Hush money payments are a necessary part of politics when hidden agendas are being pursued.

  4. Just another one whose been paid off wonder how much more they've got to hide ? Anyone remember the huge sum Peter Gilroy another ex CEO was paid off with ?

    All that child trafficking must pay very well ?

  5. This is an utter disgrace, especially after hearing that his money went into the wrong account!! what a cover up that is, where is all this money going and what is it being used for? We are looking into all this, as it needs to be exposed. Kent consultancy payouts of millions to boot, what the hell is going on with these corporate criminals, crime obviously pays!!

  6. and Lynda McMullan the finance Director 172k payoff to then take another public sector job.

    FOI of all contracts is required and control of salaries to under 100k and limit any payoffs.

  7. Its strange that the Finance Director job was not eliminated. So the holder could not have been made redundant. Explain that one.

  8. Leader... more like freeloader.

    They're either paid off or frightened off by the Kent bully boys in blue who are at their disposal,although they prefer plain clothes nowadays.

  9. If Paul Carter was running his own business he would be bankrupt by now, an odious shameless character.

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  11. 12 12 PM Im sorry I am unfammiliar with your claims therefore I will have to delete comment, whilst they may be accurate I don't have the resources to substantiate your claims which I understand are made on your own website

  12. When they came for his child

    I didn’t care

    It wasn’t mine

    When they came for her child

    I didn’t mind

    It wasn’t mine

    When they begged for help

    I turned my back

    It wasn’t my problem

    When they came for my child

    I understood

    Too late.

    by Avril Elliott

  13. I do believe it gets alot worse than that even power & money corrupts absolutely and goes right to the top.

    "Sex Cult" Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim

  14. For all the gutless councillors who continue to turn their back on KCC child trafficking.

    By commission or omission of acting in a crime, you are party to that crime for its commission and are as guilty as if you committed the crime yourself if you do nothing to stop it. If you know of a crime and do not act upon the truth to bring the guilty to the light, you are aiding and abetting in any crimes you are aware of and do not take actions to thwart or bring to the light of truth.