Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mary Portas - Channel Four Doc update & Maybe some common-sense

Just a Brief update on the Channel 4 Margate High St. Documentary, Mary Portas spoke last night about her TV role, as reported on a new website Margate Never Runs, finishing up with this comment "So we either let the cameras in with me, or I go back on the train and some other town gets it" 

I'm sure nobody in their right mind would object to the publicity machine of Mary Portas, we are all used to "infotainment" now, in which some celebrity, sounds off, gets frustrated creates dramatic tension and all the that malarkey, we even put up with Gordon "F******! Ramsey, who to the educated looks like a real nut job, with a side order of tourettes.

Still the idea that on the back of a taxpayer funded bid to regenerate Margate High Street ? those who interact in that process with Mary Portas have to sign some sort of confidentiality process is in my view plainly wrong, particularly as I would guess Mary Portas is hopefully and rightly being rewarded for her services by the Taxpayer.

I've asked Optoman TV, if it is possible for them to comment, emailed to confirm whether the government are paying for her services, also similarly asked Channel Four to comment, particularly as in my view such confidentiality agreements if true, restrict freedom of speech and insult democracy. Surprising as it may seem, I find media bods are quiet shy when they themselves are under the spotlight.

I didn't have chance to attend last nights public meeting, since I had to go to work last night, so I am much indebted to the report and video available from Margate Never Runs. Thanks and Thanks

Also this story is reported here on  "Broadcast" although you may not be able to read the report as it is a subscription base website.

Finally thank you to Mary Portas for showing interest, but please drop the gagging if it exists, exactly what is the point, Margate is our town, your not dealing with state secrets, it's blimin Margate!

********** COMMON-SENSE ? ************
Since posting this news comes via Retail Week that Mary Portas has asked the TV production company Optomen to review its contracts with local businesses as a result of Traders concerns. So hopefully this will now become a forgotten storm in a tea cup and again Thank you to Mary Portas!


  1. He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon.

  2. Optoman TV have contacted me, since this post and pointed out that they are not attempting to restrict public discussion and seem keen to allay such fears.

  3. The word is that she is not being paid buy gov.

    But that leaves a massive Conflict of Interest - volunteer adviser for gov PLUS making her own tv show about the same project..

  4. If she were really concerned about the state of the Uk's highstreets, she would disassociate herself and her company from Tesco.

  5. So its ok for this government to favour just one retail expert and her company and assist her with tax payers cash. Surely the government should have put such schemes out to temder. Thats Dave and his friends for you.

    1. Seem to recall your local man, Clive Hart, welcomed this initiative, almost claiming some of the credit for it. Is he one of Dave's friends?

  6. Clive has alsorts of friends just look at the tigs