Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Labour in Thanet suddenly gets a conscience?

Labour has grave concerns about welfare?, surely their not developing a social conscience, Thanet Labour in the recent years, have fought against jobs, fought against social housing, taken £10,000.00 this year, from council services to create posts for their new best friends, so that they can continue to claim allowances.

Nationally during the Blair and Brown years, although Labour had popular support to get people back to work, beginning well by encouraging work with working family tax credits, they soon capitulated to the easy option of inherent welfare dependency culture and generations of work shy layabouts, that earlier Labour governments had created and then encouraged cheap migrant Labour into the UK undermining working people, by reducing wages and adding to the misery with collateral  damage to education/health service due to anarchic mass immigration.

Labour with no consideration to their traditional base, couldn't have done a better job to destroy opportunity and aspiration for working people, today entry level jobs are filled by easily exploited migrant labour, still no worries rich people who run Labour have done OK Blair is struggling to earn a few beer tokens like the rest of us, no he has been amply rewarded for dubious foreign wars, earning millions from overseas interests.

Dominated by welfare dependent or those working in the public sector Labour, activists have no clue about life or the struggle to get by for ordinary people trying to earn a living, ignorant that most of us don't have heavily subsidised pensions, job security or indeed bomb proof non-jobs, or that state funded sick pay option, which a concerned local Labour party member suggested to me, allowed for a few months "stress" sickie while still working for Labour.

I find it difficult whenever Blair, Brown, Balls, Milliband are mentioned not to think of George Orwell's Animal Farm,  and how Labours top bods are indistinguishable from their Tory counter parts, "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

When I look at either Conservative or Liberal Democrat it seems to me their is an honesty which you don't get with Labour, Tory's make no bones about allowing individuals to be rewarded for their efforts and Libdems are the social conscience of this nation and as honest as any in public life, just look at the Leveson Enquiry, I've yet to see any Liberal Democrat squirming or suffering memory loss as the explain relationships with Murdochs.

Coming back to the topic, a civilised society should have a safety net for those in need but over the years generations of workshy layabouts have grown fat leeching on those of us who do work.

Possibly out of ideology but more likely, the coalition have been forced into a corner on welfare reform, as Labour minister Liam Byrne helpfully said in note left to the incoming ministers, "there is no money left", so what ever welfare dependent Labour bods are saying, a squeeze on welfare payouts are inevitable and if we're honest, long overdue.

Of course all that is my personal opinion of Thanet Labour, anyway for balance here follows Labours forthright totally sincere latest Press Release 

THANET LABOUR GROUP has grave concerns about the Welfare Reform Act and Universal Credit system this Tory led Government wants to implement.

By the time the new system is fully in place, 2017, it will affect 19 million people and particularly:
-      pensioners
-      disabled people
-      people on long-term sickness
-      families on low income and their children
-      people living in rented accommodation
-      unemployed people
-      single parents
Do any of these people choose to be in that situation? Of course not! But they should all be treated with fairness and respect.

The Labour Group on Thanet District Council is also worried that many questions still remain such as:
-      how and where will someone apply locally?
-      what documents will they need and where will they take them locally?
-      If and where will there be a ‘Universal Credit’ office?
-      how does someone get face to face advice and help if they have a problem?
People will be expected to apply on-line or through a call centre.
If anything goes wrong with the claim, a whole family could be without any income for a whole month!

Local councils are also being placed in the difficult situation by this Tory-led government of having to produce a localised Council Tax Benefit scheme but with less money to pay for it. The LABOUR administration at Thanet District Council will try to minimise the impact of the overall 10% cut in funding imposed BY THIS GOVERNMENT on Thanet residents who currently receive Council Tax Benefit.

LOCAL LABOUR COUNCILLORS will do everything we can to defend the Welfare State as a symbol of a just and civilised society that looks after people who find themselves in a difficult situation through no choice of their own. 
We will be available to help and discuss any benefit problems residents in our wards may have.


  1. Don't you find capital letters always HELPS PEOPLE UNDERSTAND STUFF? Labour dishonesty as always. When has any member of any party suggested that people who find themselves in difficulties through no fault of their own should not be assisted. Labour think that refusing to work, pretending to be sick and generally having an entitlement attitude whereby some do not work at the expense of others who pay for them through their taxes is totally acceptable. Shameful. But that's Labour, and they will do it by pretending they CARE and others DON'T.

  2. The working classes of this once proud nation were truly the salt of the Earth, often too proud themselves to accept handouts when they were down on their luck. Look around you now at a nation, a mere shadow of what it once was, all thanks to the policies of the Labour party.

    Their main plank is, and always will be, make people dependent on the state instead of their own efforts, tell them only Labour will continue to pay to support them and they then have their votes forever.

    Once in a while the country runs out of cash, a new government comes in to sort out the finances and then back come Labour, again promising utopia for no effort, and screw it all up again. It's been the same since Ramsay Macdonald so why change a winning formula which every few years makes another generation of Labour politicians and union leaders richer than their wildest dreams ever imagined.

    1. But this was the Fabian's plan all along, Tom. De-industrialisation, dependence on the welfare state, crappy food, drink & drugs, internet porn, job's a good'un!

  3. 50% of the economy in the public sector through any political party means bloat and waste and high taxation: District council salaries larger than the Prime Minister's?

    Local policies and parties have almost no connection with the national party.

    With more Tory governments in the last 50 years it's hardly all Labour's fault. And the LibDems certainly don't look impressive or likely to rule again.

    1. And there you have it, for is there any real difference now between the parties with all striving to be left of centre. Could any true Conservative be happy with the coalition or David Cameron or any old fashioned Wig have much to cheer in Clegg.

      Effectively socialism holds sway and a breed of professional politicians do the PC thing whether it has popular support or not. After all, what do the people know.

    2. You've hit the nail on the head there, Tom Clarke, whoever you vote for, you're getting 'English Socialism'... communism by any other name.

      Not much social, however, about the mass genocide suffered by the former Soviet Bloc, estimated to be in the region of 100 million.

  4. What I would like to see is some authority within the Council. Enforcements against filth should be top priority, I do not mean the tax payers having to pay yet more, but to enforce those to clear up their own rubbish. I had to walk quite na way yesterday to get to the Turner Centre, couldn't park where I usuallt park near the TDC offices, as now you have to pay to park even on a Sunday. Eventually we parked off the sea road in Cliftonville.
    Do people actually live in these areas? It was absolutely disgusting food waste, cigarette ends every where, but what touched me as being the worst, people were actually sitting on their door steps and garden walls amongst this filth, not even attempting to clear up their own rubbish.

    I can honestly say I have never been racist, but if these new communities are allowed to continue to be so filthy without enforcements made against them them I can not say I shall be the same in another 10 years. It is appalling when you think only 40 years ago Cliftonville was the creme de la creme of Thanet, the Jewish congregation owned mostly all of the shops, hotels and it was beautiful, the Queen stayed here every year for a holiday, why have we allowed it to become a human cess pool. Shame on the councils over the past years.
    It can be nice again but it means we shall have to educate these people and let them know British people shall not accept this any longer.