Monday, June 11, 2012

UPDATE THE BIG SPILL - Have Southern Water fixed it?- Er "we'll ring back"

Despite a team of 6 bods, listed as part of Southern Water's Media Team, it appears these are insufficient to keep tabs on the Big Spill at Foreness point, contacting the media office this morning, I asked the question "Has the pumping station at Foreness Point been fixed?" I cannot, help but think, the voice on the other end, would have preferred a sports question, still a promise was made to get back should they find out anyway if they do come back, I'll let you know.

Whether this is just being evasive, who knows, but cutting the waffle aside, it certainly seems to be a major issue, and I didn't get the impression on Friday that problems at Foreness Point would be fixed any time soon. 

This excerpt from SW statement last Friday didn't inspire confidence, "Southern Water manager Jon Crooke said: “At 5pm yesterday, heavily diluted and screened wastewater was released into the sea through our long sea outfall which goes 2km out to sea." Presumably "heavily diluted" means rainwater for which apparently Sounthern Water washing the contents of Thanets toilets out to sea just like the old days.

With heavy rain forecast today, including thunder storms it looks like our best hope might be to cross our fingers (or should that be legs) and hope for the best.

Southern Water are a monopoly supplier, very profitable, some small businesses are suffering a big loss in business, lets hope Southern Water does the decent thing and helps these people today.

Since posting this I realise that instead of phoning, as promised I received an email  with this info,

The repairs to the pumping station and the beach clean-up are ongoing.
The station coped with the rain over the weekend.
It is permanently manned and the teams are working 24/7 to keep the station running.

So now we know also, later in the day I  contacted S W and was told that the pumping station had now be repaired, lets hope it has, all we need now is to hear that everything has been cleared up.

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