Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Upside down parking notice and another Bank Holiday

I wonder, cock up or what? I appreciate that somehow Thanet's gone crazy in recent times over parking policy, something which anywhere else would be just be one of those awful inconveniences.

Knowing that parking has been a hot topic,seemingly coinciding with an era of politics, in which Thanet council looks to have embraced the eccentric, self centred, and in some case frankly wild-eyed nuts, I'm tempted to steer clear but what the hell.

Seeking to have a couple of hours of strolling about doing nothing, I thought where to go, Ramsgate! the Harbour is always, so different, from my normal environs, which is either the living room bashing more middle aged angst or work.

Having a job cancelled last night I wanted, something better than sitting in front of the telly as was the case on Sunday watching the Queen standing out in the rain all afternoon and then living the dream myself working in torrential rain till Monday morning's shades of grey.

Ramsgate, Mrs Me telling me we couldn't park up closer than King Geoge the whatever, I insisted encouraging her to pass the Granville, beyond the Wellington Crescent, and right into Albion Place and loads of spaces, what could be easier. 

Plenty as much as I'm happy to pay for parking, the new policy of mugging people on Bank Holiday's is understandable, but one thing that p*ssed me off was that fact having taken my money, no ticket was forth coming.

So just to cover myself, I logged my displeasure with TDC out of hours phone service, still returning later in the day, helpfully a notice (unrelated to the malfunctioning ticket machine) has clearly been placed at the start of the parking bays, notifying the public of future price changes, perhaps the most important point, is this, clearly either the council has employed either an idiot to place the notice or someone bloody minded enough to place the sign upside down so it's nigh on, impossible to read.

Perhaps one of Labours crazy alliance members was employed, god knows most of them only care about  how much their trousering in allowances, I don't think any of them give a toss, unless a camera is present, initially I was going to park elsewhere when the machine stole my money, but then thought WTF, still one motorist was seen to have put money in, and then decided to park elsewhere rather that risk a parking fine, me I say bring it on!

Please no comments that would offend, those of a sensitive nature some of whom help prop up Clive Hart's feeble Labour administration.


  1. Replies
    1. Eh yes a fairly incoherent ramble, must have been drinking ?

  2. Well at least I loved the bit about Clive Hart's feeble Labour administration, Tony. Made my day especially after hearing Mike Harrison has been suspended for a whole month during which there are no council meetings. Some punishment, what?

  3. Sounds almost like an incitement to offend the gang of three.

    Clearly a pointless exercise, I actually thought that thanet labour party would show a bit of backbone.

    Obviously labour bods are without any normal moral compass, they almost seem to be condoning homophobic insults. Tut tut

    You just wonder what was going through Clive's mind when he made Mike Harrison vice chair to Drivers chairman.

    Bonkers if you ask me.

    1. The worst culprit is John Worrow, completely silent on the whole Driver / Harrison "homophobia" episode yet campaigning for Ken Gregory to resign!

  4. Could well be a NLP common purpose trained member of staff...there's plenty of them out there,in their book this would be seen as a correct display.

  5. Yet again I found myself agreeing with you, Peter, however, our Diversity Champion only recognises one kind of diversity and only then when committed by Tories. Despite his brief to stamp out inequality he himself has become a frenzied Toryphobe.