Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where do you start?

I sit here, that being my armchair in front of a telly, watching F1 (BBC1), oblivious to just why this is referred to, as a sport, rather than what it is, a state paid for advert for the global automotive industry,  I have on  my occasional Sundays off. 

Hopefully I shall shortly be dragged away to spend time with my grand kids.

Yes to the point, I have this compulsion to blog, and I have a hundred subjects, prejudices, call it what you will, these vary from the outrageous theories, to the mildly perplexing issues in life, such as democracy is an illusion designed to make us forget we are poor or why people would ever watch Britain's got talent.

Still currently I have multiple ideas for blogging, Police Crime Commisioners, Kent's selective education why does it make me think about eugenics, The Hackney and Stratford Olympics traffic disruption, Loony councillors left and right, Labour's fessing up over migration.

Where do I begin or should I just not?

So it's just as well that I'm off!


  1. You could start by thanking the Labour led TDC coalition for securing a £4 millions government grant to bring 160 dwellings back into habitable use. Hopefully this may generate a few local jobs as well.

    1. Who secured it? Someone is off with the fairies or am I mistaken in thinking it comes from a Tory led coalition who were already offering it long before Worrow jumped ship and changed the face of Thanet politics for the foreseeable future. You might as well thank Labour for not screwing the country up anymore badly than they than they did when in government.

    2. Even better the pupil premium given to schools for children in receipt of benefits £430.00 for each child well done

      Slightly more useful than bankrupt economy left by labour

  2. The pupil premimum a measure coming from the lib dems as part of the coalition.

    1. Schools are using money intended to support poor pupils to plug gaps caused by budget cuts made by the coalition, say head teachers.

      More than 80% of heads say the "pupil premium" has been absorbed by funding shortfalls.

      Libdems outwitted again by Dave and George.
      Not the EXTRA cash that libdem supporters thought they were voting for but then they have stopped supporting libdems in droves. More broken promises.

    2. Well if 80% of politicised lefty heads wish to misuse these funds then its on their conscience, particularly in this county which supports a discriminatory policy against poorer children by Conservatives in a blatant example of social apartheid.

    3. Not the £2.5 billions additional money that the libdems promised in their manifesto to help children from poorer families. What are schools to do then favour the poorer kids and put them in their own class rooms and let the roof fall in on the rest?
      Whats happened to the libdems promise to reform the banks and get them lending to business. No sign that the public sector is getting us out of this double dip.

    4. As we all know Labour left the country bankrupt, last week Labour finally admitted getting migration wrong, one policy that plunged many into poverty while exploiting migrants, damaging schools and the health service.

      "No sign that the public sector is getting us out of this double dip" clearly not when A) they don't create a penny of wealth, B) drain wealth creators and C)maintaining a delusion that their hard done by when in fact they receive better pay and conditions the commercial world.

    5. Well said at 0756 Tony, and on the other thread above it is good that empty homes are being brought back into use.

      But why has another phase of Westwood Cross housing infill of 132 new homes been approved?

      Isn't this more sprawl for the discredited new town centre and Chinagate? And contradicts both the empty homes problem and traffic problems.

      Again TDC seem to have no idea of what they are doing except more construction.

    6. Planning Committee was considering the reserved matters application for the already outline approved part of the Westwood site. This section was the field directly behind Homebase. The principles of the development had already been dealt with previously, thus debate was shorter than you might have expected.

      The bigger debate was about the increase in HMOs on the Wimpey Estate and potential anti-social behaviour issues. The report may say up to 4 people could live in the house but I know that could be just the start.

    7. You haven't really fallen for the Labour-left-us-broke lark have you Tony?
      First of all, what kind of broke is it that affords zillions for a runny,jumpy,standing still Olympic fest?
      If we are broke, wasn't it all those greedy bankers and hedge funders?
      Labour left us broke is an excuse for health,education and benefit cuts.

    8. Quite obviously, Yogi, you have not swallowed the line that Labour left us broke or had signed up to the Olympics long before they left power. But then, you also probably believe they built the pyramids with union labour and invented the wheel!

    9. No I am not a Labour supporter. Their policies in Government made me sick. But neither am I foolish enough to believe that it was their economic policies that created a crisis.
      Actually, I don't believe in crisis. One look around to see the money being lavished on everything except public services tells me we've been had.

    10. You could have a point, Yogi, though there has to be a balance somewhere between wealth generated and that spent on public services. Real trick is finding that balance and one that is fair to all sections of the community.
      Not sure anyone has achieved that yet.

  3. The only way to get real change in any area is to change the whole system by educating the public and especially the children to whats really going on not to keep falling for all the crap on the BBC and dodgy media and most importantly expose all the corruption.

    The Natural Party, an introduction by Ian McFerran

  4. 0939 James: why new build at the WC sprawl with thousands of empty houses in Thanet?

    Slightly offtopic but ChinaGate emerges at Dover: 512 houses plus 90 flats, public opposition, plans not seen before, not in approved development plan etc etc - and a proposed WW2 monument: David Fairley acting as wingman for development again?

    1. He can't, Yogi, because it is only something he read somewhere. Understand? No chance!

  5. Yogi:

    A. Thanet's (and Kent's) empty houses are widely detailed - so why build more?

    B. Chinagate: the Thanet version included Ken Wills company around Manston to WC. The Dover version is also Ken's company and a former MOD barracks.

    The Thanet one was almost unanimously passed by TDC councillors - with no plans and only a drawing revealed two days before the council vote.

    Several hundred homes again. Farmland/greenbelt. Building huge cargo warehouses around Manston.

    Massive public opposition. Council silence. Now the Thanet one creeps out of the woodwork again - (part of WC as a new town centre when it was just a shopping mall with lots of houses). Also first run for the Dover one too unless anyone else has info?

    Private Eye details a separate although China/developer project in Eire.

    As with Pleasurama incompetence and secrecy can blur into blatant corruption and pointless overbuild.

    With lots of empty houses why build more? Especially on greenbelt? A council run for and by developers.

    Lots of detail available and anyone correct any of the points above?

    1. Not sure if it's relevsant but Pleasurama was the Ramsgate Labour Party's largest ever donation: £25k. From I, think, SFP1 before it changed to SFP2. Anyone know the donor?

      I think there were smaller donations to Thanet Tories for ChinaGate from Ken Wills.

      The 0% salary fraud after Chinagate has never been detailed: £20K each? Then the payoffs when Samuel and White left?