Friday, July 28, 2006

Good news for Thanet

In today's Gazette, news of a new budget airline, deals apparently been done on the Turner centre, what can you say, nothing you were not asked.
On Monday there will be a chance to hear Paul Carter consult with, us at the Theatre Royal.
Nationally Blairs flown off to consult with the great chimp, I don't think Michael Jackson ever took orders from his.
Understand that Blair will be staying the weekend with Rupert Murdoch possibly to discuss media business such as Sky Television, I just wonder if anyone has noticed how similar Sky TV is to a monopoly particularly in Thanet where we have no cable service.
Presumed Israel will continue its attacks against Lebanon, still with no criticism of any consequence.
I have no problem with Israel defending itself, but when dealing with terrorists you cannot bomb indiscriminately and against innocent civilians and peacekeeping forces. For anyone who disagrees with me, to give you some perspective, look at our recent history in Northern Ireland at no time did any sane person suggest we bomb the homes of members of IRA or UDA or any of the other terrorists gangster mobs.

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