Wednesday, February 28, 2007

as Kent council’s dream of flights to Virginia fail
Not surprisingly, it has been announced that flights to Norfolk Virginia operated by Cosmos will not happen. Since going on sale only 600 hundred bookings had been made according to KCC, which even given the many thousands promised by our local authorities, made the proposition hopeless.

Paul Carter is quoted as follows in the press release from KCC "The direct flights project was just one part of our initiatives to regenerate east Kent. It was a calculated risk that had significant potential and could have delivered major benefits for the region. Enormous efforts have been made on both sides of the Atlantic to promote the flights.

"But, despite putting back the deadline for decision three times, in order to see if the market would respond and pick up, sales have failed to reach a critical mass. In the absence of any other organisation prepared to share the financial risk of continuing with the project, it would not be prudent or viable to invest public money in the venture.

"We will now redouble our efforts to stimulate inward investment and economic regeneration for Kent."

Its not entirely clear what, if any public money has been invested so far in this project although I understand half the start up cost of £800,0000 was to be shared by KCC, Seeda, Infratil, Kent attractions, East Kent Partnerships, Thanet District Council, Canterbury City Council and Gravesham Borough Council.


  1. It was never really on, short haul flights should be sustainable if growth is steady, and the airport should be successful if backers can be found for Lydd airport then all things being equal Manston is better placed.

  2. Thanks David,
    I actually rang up KCC and talking to some one who should know, was lead to believe that the Counties Coffers were still intact, however I rang back today and spoke with another functionary and again got told no money has been spent, then they mentioned something about regenration funds? but according to them this is not KCC money any how I shall probe a bit deeper.

  3. KCC seem to regard money they accrue from selling off public land for the Rose Hill development as somehow "free" money they can do what they like with, trips to Virginia included. Of course this is rubbish, its still public money and should be accounted for.

  4. How many people want to go to Carolina? Choose the right routes and the place would buzz.