Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Public consultation next please

As memories begin to fade, over last week's Dreamland consultation and we can forget the rejections, over the popular wish to see Dreamland once again, as a leading theme-park, simply because the owners don't want one, some consultation? (a bit like someone purchasing a farm and then deciding instead of growing crops they make an absolute fortune by building houses).

Anyway this week it's the turn of David Chipperfield Architects to role into town, presenting their initial designs for the new Turner contemporary Gallery, as we have yet to see the designs, it would be unfair to comment on that aspect, anyway hopefully they'll be more inspiring the Waterbridge/MTCRC vision for Margate or lack of it.

The timetable as I understand for the revealing of the architect's work, involves a presentation by the great man himself at the Margate media centre this Thursday, and if you wish to go and haven't already got tickets forget it, I tried more than two weeks ago and was unable to obtain a place (3rd in line for cancellation). I understand however that quite a few councillors, worthies and the like have been more fortunate.

Anyhow there are further opportunities to chip in with your opinions at the Winter Gardens, the more open meetings will I am told not have the great man to hand, Turner Contemporary suggest on there web site that there will be representatives from Chipperfield Architects, I think that its a wasted opportunity for the public not to be able speak directly the head honcho, after all how many locals actually go to these things (most Thanetionians are less opinionated than myself) even Toby Hunter of Waterbridge was approachable as well he might, since his company are hoping to turn a Theme Park, into a very profitable building site.

Maybe if your one of the chosen ones, you could ask how much time the architect has spent in Margate talking to local people about this project.

I hope that given the glowing praise from Paul Carter (KCC leader) that Chipperfield come up with an outstanding design, most of us will just have to wait to Friday.


  1. I've heard there will be performing sealions at the open days, so at least that should keep the kids entertained.

  2. As a regular visitor to Margate as a child and teenager I can honestly say that Dreamland has been a part of my growing up, with very fond memories.

    However, I think that Margate deserves the chance to be the great town it once was again. This will not be served as a theme park but as a centre with attractions that cater for all year round use.

    Together with new restaurants, cafes open areas for kids and attractions such as aquatic centre, cinema, smaller funfair type rides, markets selling local produce etc. Margate would get a new lease of life.

    I would stronlgy oppose any residential development of the site as it should be used for the sole purpose of leisure. But new plans to move Margate forward and put it back where it belongs as one of the UK's number 1 coastal towns is what is needed instead of sticking a bandaid on what is already failing?