Sunday, February 18, 2007

Turner update

The Turner Contemporary exhibition, at the Winter Gardens, detailing progress so far, by David Chipperfield firm of architect's, seems to confirm that this project is in competent hands, although disappointingly no final design was on hand.
Having earlier bitched about being unable to obtain a place for the earlier presentation by David Chipperfield himself, a video was shown in the corner of the previous night's presentation, which Mr Chipperfield had to cancel due I believe to flu (let's hope it wasn't man - flu) the presentation being given in the main by Victoria Jessen-Pike, explained some of the constraints and technical issues, and the various use of models and computer graphics in honing the final design.

My overall impression, speaking with representatives from Turner and Chipperfield, is that we will see eventually a well-thought-out Gallery, which for those of us who care, cannot be a moment too soon.

Now one aspect which appears to have become temporarily lost, is what will be developed on the rest of this site, at the introduction to the previous night's exclusive presentation Mike Hill (KCC) stressed the regeneration aspects to this project citing St Ives, Bilbao etc which is all well and good, but I'm a little concerned that this aspect of the project appears to conveniently have disappeared from public scrutiny I hope we're not being distracted.

It is interesting to note that the larger part of this site, was mentioned during Paul Carters speech covering the past Turner debacle but now we have yet to hear anything. According to one of the representatives, at this exhibition there had apparently been, several developers taking a keen interest, as they might, even though this land was originally owned by Thanet council then subsequently surrendered to KCC it would still be nice if the 'County Tories' kept us informed.

I only mention this as last year I'm sure Paul Carter promised costs, to be kept within £15 million budget as far as Turner's concerned and now we hear £17,500,000 mentioned (they forgot the sea again!) also there was I think talk of a 200 bedroom hotel (has this now turned into a series of Granny blocks) and not least a renaissance for the Winter Gardens, itself being refurbished into a first class modern venue for entertainment and conferences. I won't mention the completion of 2009.

Turner project looks as if it one of the few Developments to deliver a first class local facility whilst boosting the areas regeneration. However much of Margate and Thanet has been subject to a good old fashioned carve up, involving carpetbagging developers and a weak and feeble compliant local council, it's time that local people impressed on their councillors that planning matters, should be for the benefit of local people and decided locally and not by remote organisations such Seeda (South East of England Development Agency) or even KCC in Maidstone.

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  1. Yes i absolutly agree with you!i was impressed by how competent the architects are and cant wait until it opens!