Saturday, February 24, 2007


Reports that Ellington and Hereson schools are to be merged into a mixed sex school are being greeted with anger according to Eastcliff Matters. Presumably, children in Ramsgate are a tad excitable let’s just hope that dragging education into the 21st century is done with some sensitivity.

Maybe the new School could keep kids excitable tendencies in check by insisting on boys partaking of a cross country run followed with a nice cold shower before the start of the academic day, with Girls wearing some suitably modest uniform maybe a cross between a Nuns Habit and Burka with a touch of Mrs Doubtfire or Nora Batty.

Still whilst the authorities are considering merging these two schools why not build a comprehensive and merge with Chatham/Clarendon House as well, now that would frighten some parents the thought of a fair competitive School system.

Maybe this is one for Local MP Steven Ladyman who could step outside the Labour Party line and say what he thinks.

For those of you who are apologists for Grammar system, ask yourself this, why do so many parents shell out good money, to coach their offspring to pass the Eleven plus (Kent test) and why overall across the population our kids perform less well than those educated in a truly competitive comprehensive system.

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  1. Come, come aren’t we being a little naïve? Hereson is only merging with Ellington because the land that Hereson is currently occupying will become a ‘land fill site’. i.e. The lovely open land will be filled with yet another housing estate.