Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gordon Brown the warm up man

Unless you know me or happen to be one of my more obsessive followers you most likely missed my appearance on the politics show. For those of you who had something better on during transmission, like pub or lunch click here for the south east edition of the politics show, please note if you wish to miss my warm up act (Gordon Brown), it is possible to fast forward to the local segment which features local luminaries at around 32 mins in or if you just me fast forward to 46mins, the link should work for a week or so.

To be honest although I lead a fairly ordinary life, technology has offered me, and others opportunities to express ideas which were unthinkable maybe a dozen years ago. So when the opportunity to appear was offered, I wasn't particularly phased, not until maybe a few minutes prior and then I'm thinking what the hell do I know about Turner Contemporary, Regeneration or blimin art but also I'm thinking be polite and don't say anything that I'll regret.

Watching this later I had urge to cringe behind the sofa (similar to the first appearance of the Daleks 40 year ago), still as it carried on I think I got better, a couple of things I should have mentioned was one that I actually think that Derek Harding has good ideas, also I regret not pointing out a lack of direction from our own local council.

Apart from Mike Hill, KCC cabinet member I was surprised, not to see some of those out of towners on the show, like for instance maybe a sprinkling of the new Trustees. Still no doubt they have busy lives, myself I did 70 hours plus, traveling into London everyday last week, still I suppose that's the benefit of being local.

PS I didn't mention my participation earlier in case I got cancelled, it would have been bad enough turning up for work and getting grief there.


  1. You were a star! All credit.

  2. Well you know me, I won't be buttering you up like MG, but I did think you put on a sterling performance for someone who isn't a media professional or full time bullsh*t artist (politician). Certainly much more coherent than anything I've ever seen our glorious council leader spout on live TV.

    I especially enjoyed the bit when you almost said 'f*ck'!

  3. Nice one Tony. Looking at the comment on Maisiegrace's blog it looks like Peter has you down for a nude photo shoot, must be the media fame.

  4. I thought it funny that Turner was names as JOHN Turner. Ooops! Not a good sign. So much for media interest.

  5. He's not an easy one to be interviewed with is he? I've "enjoyed" the "benefit" of his warmth during an interview on the subject of poverty and he likes nothing better than to slap you with hard questions without having told you about them before hand. How long did he have you standing about before they started?