Sunday, November 09, 2008

Media Hypocrisy, Morality and the BBC

Last week I had hoped to post a further comment regarding the recent nonsense published in particular by the Daily Mail and the Murdoch papers, but my computer somehow contrived to lose one of my more verbose postings, still the world moves on, and last Sunday it was Jeremy Clarkson's turn to offend, with an offensive remark about lorry drivers and prostitutes.

It appears to me that what was at best an error of Judgement a few weeks ago by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand somehow became an excuse to attack the integrity of the BBC with some astonishing hypocrisy from the National Press.

As I say since the abusive call made to an elderly actor by Ross & Brand (for which they should have been sacked), Jeremy Clarkson made his obnoxious remarks about lorry drivers and prostitutes, interestingly Murdochs papers the Sun, NOTW and I suspect the Times, have been rather easier going on Clarkson, and why well he happens to be one of them, that is he writes for the Sun and Sunday Times.

I seem to recall that the Sun even had an article suggesting how truck drivers up and down the country, had hardly stopped laughing at Clarkson's comment, which you might say was all well and good but hang on, is there anything we've forgotten? Well maybe, lorry drivers, I've no doubt are fairly strong characters but here's the thing I find unsettling in the press that I came across seemed to have little or no concern for prostitutes who are at considerable risk.

This particular joke of Clarkson's seems to reinforce the women as objects stereotype, a particularly offensive and demeaning view which unfortunately says far too much about him his fans and the media.

Still for further reading you could just check out this rare view from the Press Association, a report referring to Chris Mole MP calling for Clarksons sacking which is particularly pertinent since in 2005 five women were murdered in his constituency.


  1. spotted on the bookshelves this morning was a new book by Jonathon Ross called, 'Why Do I say These Things '

    now call me a cynic but Christmas is coming,, much furore and publicity surrounding Ross,,,,what better time to release a book,,it almost gaurantees high sales,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Clarkson should be sacked. He gets on my tits.

  3. Get over yourselves you sad, sad people.
    Never heard of a joke.
    God i hate people who cant laugh at themselves.