Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Space Ritual ?

Crikey I see former members of Hawkwind, will be playing at the Westgate Pavillion this Saturday, according to a report in Adscene. I must say I find this a bit spooky, since only a few days ago I was attempting to convert one of their albums into digital format.

I remember seeing them once at the Dreamland Ballroom and a few months later in the Dreamland cinema, in nineteen seventy er.. unfortunately its a long time since Mrs Me throw out my Hawkwind Tee shirt (for which I'm still a tad upset) as well as a poster from those days, also a status quo Tee shirt which in all honestly will never be missed.

I'd like to go myself but Mrs Me mentioned that Chelsea will be kicking off at Home on Saturday at 3pm, so their might be a conflict of interest, Damn!

Tickets from Westgate Pavillion £12 Doors open 6.15 01843 835611 or 570905


  1. Much as I love Mrs Me, Fcuk her, Chealse play every 2nd day as far as I can tell and you have waited 30 years...ish,ish not like you have small people to worry about. go on your own or find a friend I give you permission..
    er please appologise to Mrs Me about the Fcuk... sorry Aunty

  2. Mrs Me is a fictional character but even so your comments are a bit extreme