Thursday, November 20, 2008

Political affiliation don't be embarassed

I happen to believe that all men (and women) are created equal, and then they do things which may or may not be stupid like joining a political party.

Now not surprisingly Nick Griffin is a tad upset that his membership list has been exposed, and I suppose he has to some extent a problem apart from the obvious breach of data protection legislation and its this, for some reason he cannot convince his members that their policies are entirely wholesome or why the secrecy.

Now I've myself been a member of a rather dubious, political crowd in the past, and to save any speculation it happened to be SDP, although I never did think to highly of David Owen, he seemed rather full of himself and I'm sure he frequently opened sentences with this phrase "when I was foreign secretary"(which was probably the pinnacle of his career) also for a time I happened to be a member of the Liberal party.

Anyway however embarrassing or not my political memberships, I'm not that bothered and can't see why anyone would be touchy about their politics, its been suggested a few times that I might myself have sympathy with right wing fruit cakes which is simply not true.

I understand that some people like to be private about their true opinions, but when those opinions are at odds with a fair society then its just tough titties if you get exposed.

Finally should police officers lose their jobs, well I think so, who doesn't want equal treatment under the law, well apparently serving officers who happen to be members of the BNP. If your too ashamed to admit an idea or an opinion there must be something wrong.


  1. The suspension of BNP member police does seem in contravention of Magna Carta. That no man shall suffer set back save through trial before his peers.

    The BNP fiasco occurred in the week Hampshire Police had to admit they have over forty serving officers who have serious criminal convictions (dishonesty, violence and firearms offences)

    In Thanet we know that one officer convicted as a criminal liar was allowed to continue serving and even made schools liaison officer (so Thanet children could learn that if you want to get away with it be a policeman)

    Kent was amongst the top for officers convicted of offences but amongst the lowest for complaints recorded against officers. This was the context in which Jack Straw accepted the need to change police complaints law and create the IPCC. To end the power of Chief constables esp Kent, to abuse, to veto complaints against officers.

    So crocodile tears all round re BNP ? But still not a word of condemnation for holocaust denial activity to pseudo military cadets in Kent ?

    And no police inquiry re BNP expulsions of members in Kent for taking part in paramilitary training in the 80s ?

    I think that Kent Police might find it worthwhile to check the published list to rule out a coincidence in an open murder inquiry.

  2. Whilst I have no time for the BNP or its policies, it is not a banned party and is a Political Party that puts itself before the electorate. I find it sinister that a our PC society requires a candidate seeking selection to Kent Police has to declare if he/she is a member of The BNP. To do so, means instant rejection! The assumption, based on no evidence, is that a BNP member is automatically a racist! I am worried about the state of democracy and freedom in this country when membership of a legitimate political party means automatic exclusion from serving society as a Constable. Teachers and vicars are not precluded by any legal restraint that I am aware of from following their calling because they are members of the BNP; why should discrimination occur within the Constabularies?

  3. I have more time for snow (unimportant in small amount and therefore safe to rave about) than the BNP whose policies never seemed to join up well with reality for me.