Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TOP URGENT Things I've forgotten and not got round too

I'm more than a tad busy at the moment so a quick mention to a new shop opening on the Harbour Arm this occurs tomorrow night 7:30 and will sell all sorts of "girlie things" my words and probably none to PC.

Anyhow this from the recent email sent to me "There are some really special things that you won’t find anywhere else in Thanet including jewellery by Sukie Lau, Danon, Johnny Loves Rosie, Ashiana and Miyabi, as well as locally hand-made pieces. We also stock the famous Momiji dolls, bath creamers that look good enough to eat, candles, cards, handbags, funky specs, children’s toys, and a selection of other small gifts and stocking fillers"

Also a new website with loads of connection to things thanet ACTIVETHANET created by Parker Jones who wrote this in his Email to me as his reason for setting up the site "Life is more than just work followed by pubs and clubs! And youngsters are less likely to create mischief if they are not bored. I was surprised to discover that there is a lot going on in Thanet. So I've tried to bring all this information into one place."


The opening of a new gallery Ingoldsby . The Ingoldsby Gallery can be found at 2 Lombard Street, Margate and will be opening on Saturday 29th.

PS I will get round to replying to emails when I can>


  1. Thanks for the Jofi plug. Just want to say - blokes, GBLT - extremely welcome! 'Gorgeous gifts for people' just doesn't have quite the same alliterative allure.

  2. Just want to plug the Viking Gallery in Cliftonville. Went there yesterday and some good stuff there. Nice space too.

  3. Hmm-did you know tony that they have made it impossible for phipip IOTA gallery to be on the harbour arm anymore?He was left quite literally out on a limb and all the restaurants etc that were supposed to open did'nt(and they have the nerve when you go on the harbour arm website IOTA is plugged as being open etc)the residents of thanet have lost a valuable asset and I feel soo sad Philip deserved better than this....

  4. That is really terrible news.

  5. yes it is-but on a positive note-Bob went done well,the fireworks were fab the town was alive and buzzing and and a great time was had by all.Well done ELI for providing music and positive vibes and the fireworks arranged by town partnership et al were amazing!thanks to all

  6. Fiona (Margate Harbour Arm)Sunday, 30 November 2008 at 11:42:00 GMT

    I take exception to the crap written by Anon 02:50. Who exactly are 'they'? If you mean the owners of the Harbour Arm, that's totally naive. Are we, the landlords, supposed to open restaurants ourselves? We are at the mercy of the timewasters of Thanet who say they are going to lease units, then don't actually have the balls to sign on the dotted line.

    If Phil does close for good it will be because 'they' (the Arts Council, Pudsey etc) have rejected his applications for funding, and sod all to do with whether there was a restaurant on the Harbour Arm!

  7. I disagree. Many of us in Margate ere looking forward to being able to get a cuppa on the Harbour Arm. I really can't believe the landlords can't arrange it. They seemed to be able to organise an unofficial car park easily enough.
    People are not going to walk up there for one shop.

  8. Fiona (Margate Harbour Arm)Tuesday, 2 December 2008 at 17:16:00 GMT

    I too am looking forward to a cuppa on the harbour arm, and a cafe is planned to open there in the spring. I am curious as how you think a landlord can 'arrange' it? Maybe all the landlords in the lower high street should turn into shopkeepers too?! That should liven the place up!

    Employing a man for a day to attend a car park, which is completely official as it is private land, is a little easier.

  9. Well said 10-56
    Maybe people dont quote" have the balls to sign on the dotted line" because they dont get any support from the people that can organise a car park and sod all else..

  10. Yes I am sure employing a man to attend a car park for the day is far easier,and the shops in the high street did'nt get a great big grant to help them on there way,so maybe that would have helped them(although I have noticed 3 new shops and a new cafe bar with great sea views and reasonable menu have opened up in the high street)methinks the lady proscesed too much....we are not all fools(just able to read what happens after signing on the dotted line means on the harbour arm)..

  11. Potential tenants of harbour arm are not put off by the potential rent by any chance? Presumably that is in the landlords control.

  12. If the car park was official, how come it is no longer operating?

  13. Fiona (Margate Harbour Arm)Friday, 5 December 2008 at 11:49:00 GMT

    I'd love to know what kind of support people are looking for. What kind of support to landlords normally give to tenants? If you knew anything about us you would know that we are more supportive and responsive landlords than most!

    From my point of view I am offering refurbished units with services and broadband, at a market rent per square foot, with negotiable lease terms.

    I resent the accusation that all we can organise is a car park! Who do you think did all the renovation work?! Did you see the state of the place this time last year? Regarding the said car park - we can decide to operate it whenever the hell we like. It doesn't make commercial sense this winter so we're not bothering at the moment.

    It is so sad that there is such a pervasive 'blame other people' attitude in Thanet.

  14. What I find sad is a lovely old stone pier filled to bursting with cars In the summer-a horrible sight..

  15. Fiona (Margate Harbour Arm)Friday, 5 December 2008 at 17:38:00 GMT

    Look at the picture in Barnacles dated 1935. Bursting with cars! No seriously, we don't want it to look ugly. Car parking is restricted to the first half and we ask people to park at right angles to keep it tidy, as in the 1935 photo.