Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In search of a straight answer

It seems to me that, members of and officers of Thanet council must be a fairly thick skinned bunch, and try as I have, it seems impossible to get a clear picture of why, or for what reason TDC are attempting to sell Northdown House for which they are legally prevented.

Recently I spoke with an officer who deals with council assets, who informed me that he had no accounts, which would indicate, how much if anything, Northdown House was costing to run, trying to speak with the councils accounts department, only bought about more confusion as I was informed by I think a receptionist that I would have to contact Thanet Leisure Force?

Well I'm still of the opinion that TDC either have something to hide or their clueless and useless, anyway tonight I sent another email to Richard Samuel Chief Executive of TDC not that I got anywhere last time, and even the invitation to meet with Sandy Ezekiel seemed pointless if a straight answer is not available.

Dear Mr Samuel

Thanet councils proposed sale of Northdown House seems to be shrouded in controversy and the information I have managed to acquire seems at best contradictory.

As Thanet councils senior officer I would ask that you clarify the
situation over this property, previously you were apparently too busy to answer my email directly.

I have yet establish a clear explanation of the exact reason
Northdown House is being considered for sale particularly given the legal constraints preventing such a sale. I recently spoke to one of your colleagues responsible for assets who informed me of the fact that he did not have accounts for the property.

I therefore request that you provide details of income and expenses for Northdown House for the last three years under freedom of information legislation.

Regards tony flaig Bignews Margate

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  1. Tony,

    It will interesting to see what sort of reply you will get this time if any.

  2. Well hopefully since the role of chief exec, is impartial, no doubt TDC's senior officer will answer in a correct and clear manner.

    How much is Northdown House costing or making, quite simple surely1

  3. Sandy Exekiel quoted a loss of £30,000 once. But we all know he makes factual errors, one being that the Friend family received a lot of money for the sale of Northdown house when in fact it was an amount to cover their legal costs and an amount direct to a developer to pay off an option on the house and park.
    Shame Thanet Gazette always lets him have the last word in the letters pages.

  4. I am told that Thanet Leisure Force have been declining bookings throughout OCT/NOV/DEC. Is there truth in this? If so, why?

  5. I understand that TDC can be quite good at not being the one holding the hot potato of responsibility to answer questions. Best of luck Tony.