Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jan Moir

From time to time, I pick up the Daily Mail, for two reasons one its a quick read for days when I'm not going to get time to plough through one of the "quality" papers the other reason being to read a good old right wing rant and some quality hypocrisy. To be honest I haven't a clue who the hell Jan Moir is and the chances are she's yet to stumble upon Bignews Margate, but like any down market or quality newspaper you have the comment columnists which fill the vacuum between factual reporting and the advertisers.

Never having read or heard of this women I was of an open mind but read what I assume is her main "rant" which tells me all I need to know about this particular women. The article concerned Jacqui Smiths proposals to criminalise men who use prostitutes who've been forced into the sex trade having been trafficked by criminals.

Anyway here is an example of here journalistic er.... style talking about Jacqui Smith "Patronisingly, she sees every prostitute as a helpless victim. And to the suggestion that many 'trafficked' women are actually just economic migrants, she says: 'I do not buy that argument.' End of.

Men need to think twice about paying for sex, says the Home Secretary, who wants to obliterate the sex industry by strangling demand for it - rather like trying to stop tooth decay by banning the baking of cupcakes."

Still if you want to read the full article try clicking here, I offered a comment which I note has yet to be posted on Daily Mail web site I wonder why. My comment as follows "Your article "Grow up Jacqui" really deserves the reply "Wake up Jan" since the company that employs your talents, also happens to own Kent Regional Newspapers, that runs adverts for "full body to body massage by Chinese girls", no doubt this is an entirely legitimate service offering complimentary medicine, which you'd be happy to send a husband, partner brother son to

With or without the law, having sex with someone forced to participate is quite clearly rape, well done Jaqui Smith for pointing out the obvious."

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