Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BBC rewards the right sort of License dodger

Its quite clear that the average dib dob, man or women, will on answering the door to the TV Licensing authorities, find themselves with a hefty fine, if they can’t produce a TV License and even if they don’t own a television, more than likely they will be endlessly harassed by the authorities.

But if your the right sort of License evader, perhaps a pompous media figure or someone who attended a good public school, went to Cambridge, the chances are you’ll get a slightly different reaction to not paying the license fee, than the average outlaw, who might be trying to feed a family make ends meet that sort of thing.

Of course this special treatment, would have to be coupled with a really strong principled morally righteous cause like wishing to see Jonathan Ross sacked from the BBC.

So it is the case with Charles Moore former editor of the Telegraph, who gave the citizens of Margate, the privilege of his presence here in Margate last Friday (Radio four Any Questions)(fees paid by BBC no doubt) , who has the background, of a rough tough start in life, first at Eton then spending time at Trinity College, Cambridge and is so worried about Jonathan Ross, that he has taken the principled step of refusing to pay the license fee, giving money to charity instead.

Now there are hundreds of thousands who are being bled dry by crooked bankers, bent politicians and greedy public service workers, who also like me and him share a dislike for Jonathan Ross’s, sleazy behaviour in regard to Andrew Sachs etc. unfortunately if we’re to take maybe a more principled stand, such as feeding children keeping a roof over our head, rather than subsidise rich presenters, opinionated hacks, and cretinous BBC executives.

Incidentally according to Broadcastnow the BBC has had to shell out £45,000 in damages to the head of the muslim council of Britain after Charles Moore claimed the MCB had been reluctant to condemn Killing and Kidnapping of British soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan.

I think next time Charles Moores ventures in to Margate it would not be unreasonable for us license payers to make a citizens arrest since we also have principles but have to abide by the law.

PS I mentioned on my twitter that I shall be writing about BBC regional output I’ll probably get to later.

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