Friday, August 14, 2009

Turner Contemporary construction site open to all

I noticed back in July that the constructions site for the Turner Contemporary, had the rear access gate open, today I see that not much had changed from my last cycle past.open2

Once again the rear gate on the Winter Gardens side was left open and unattended as were the front gates.

You may think I’m being picky and maybe I am, but since children will remain on holiday for a while, leaving gates open is not a good idea, given the inquisitive nature of teenagers.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous, over the last 25 years according to HSE over 2800 were killed, most of which were probably preventable.open3

I understand that the one of the gates opens automatically on the Harbour Arm side of the site, given the multi millions this project is costing how much would it cost to have a security guard on the gate.


  1. I will remind you Tony who the KCC appointed builder for this project is

    R Durtnell of West Kent - one the of the 112 companies that were named in Feb 2008 by the OFT following its investigation into alleged price-rigging in the construction sector. This rigging was in both the public and private sector and I assume its still an on going investigation.

    Give then a call about the security - maybe there is a job going?

  2. As it happens I have, which makes it the second time, I also pointed out the open gate at the rear as i passed some blokes unloading a lorry, that gate was then shut.

    I also contacted KCC's Contracts and Procurement I'm sure they will ring back at some point in the future.

    An ideal job for me local and I could busybody all day.

    It certainly seems a rare situation that a worksite like this doesn't have a bloke on the gate.

  3. I have an inkling, Tony, that if I were to mention a generic term, which rhymes with hippo, to describe acquisitive persons of an itinerant caravan dwelling lifestyle ......

    There could be comment and outrage repercussions from the Eastcliff direction.

    I would suspect, however, at the merest hint of the temporary residence of romanticized nomads, who apparently so enrich us all culturally, security guards would be employed.

    Way to go Tony is to visit the site offering lucky heather and to sharpen their tools promising to bring them back tomorrow. You are of the requisite swarthy appearance, just top yourself off with a Hulk Hoganesque headscarf. Don't forget to ask if they want any tarmaccing done.

    Hope this is helpful.

  4. Thank you Tony.

    If you study Brad Pitt performance in "Snatch" you should master the requisite lingo.

    That is how to get the gates closed and security employed.

    Now apply yourself Tony

    "Awww fkkkit Oill tarmac the whole soit ferakeervan"

  5. sip bro...langsung ke TKP..
    mo cek harsbobetganya nih

  6. sip bro...langsung ke TKP..
    mo cek harsboganya nih