Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving on and some new talent

I may be spending less time blogging for a while, in fact I have, this last week, nothing to do some rather excitable malarkey hitting the fan from a southerly direction.

Anyway mentioning last weeks side show, which I’m sure will rumble on from the Eastcliff bunker, ECR now deserted by facts and truth seemingly devotes his energies into marshaling his diminishing empty flawed and vacant accusations and crafted slurs to what end I don’t know.

Make no mistake, I’m happy to accept my limitations, some see me as an Oaf, a blundering idiot, bereft of talent and grammar, who cares, references to me being partial to pies, sausages what, however what I won’t do is swallow “porkies” from ECR or anyone.

Sorry, yes moving on I’d like to praise newcomer to the Thanet’s bloggerati Luke Edwards and his Thanet Waves blog, I like his style and his first few posting are good, I see from his profile he’s already an experienced blogger. Assuming Luke is as prolific, as some of Thanet’s old farts, then I think we (local bloggers) might all be put in the shade.


  1. What a breath of fresh air!

    Nice to see that Luke uses his own name; that gives him 'grown up' crediblity that ERC will never enjoy until he comes out!

    Enjoy this song, sang by Luke!

    Tim Keeley

  2. Thank you Tony for your kind comments. It's much appreciated. And keep up the good work with your blog too. After all, we all need to be ready to pitch our forepenneth in. :)

  3. Thank you, for a well written and objective summation of recent excitement in the blogosphere.