Monday, August 10, 2009

Thought for the Day - Have Labour been genetically modified

As I looked at Hilary Benn (minister for food or something) holding forth up at Thanet Earth, on the BBC today, I was struck by the similarity of his mannerisms, to that of his father Tony Benn.

I had the thought of just how things have changed in the Labour party, when I was growing up, its fair to say that Tony Benn was amongst those consider by many to be a dangerous lefty.Many years later its impossible to see just how the likes of Tony Benn can fit in with current Labour party, things have changed almost beyond belief.

Labour has abandoned the working people of this country and the betrayal goes a little further than just restricting university education to the rich, just to ally themselves with the affluent, Labour have gone out of the way to assist a handful of big businesses notably in the construction trade and agriculture by allowing them to ruthlessly exploit immigrant labour.

Labour has created a sort of master and servant society, you’ve only got to see some of the company senior Labour politicians keep. During Labours time in office the divide between rich and poor has increased, delusional Labour MP’s are up there with their Tory colleagues in claiming bogus expenses.

Still that said certainly Hilary Benn appears every bit as principled and honest, as his father, being 15th in list of lowest claimants of expenses. I just have this thought and that’s all it is, that Labour’s somehow been modified to look like the party for working people on the outside but empty on the inside of that original flavour that created them.

Labour have made people commodities, so as Hilary Benn pontificated at the technological marvel that Thanet Earth is, producing Peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, I wonder if he had chance to consider or even got to talk to the workforce.

Thanet Earth is a multi million pound investment, I just wonder what the workers think, I remember the much reported queues as locals registered for “agency”* jobs up at Thanet Earth, just wonder how its worked out for them.

*Whatever happend to real jobs?


  1. At least Tony Benn kept to his princinples and sent all of his childen to the local comprehensive.
    Well is was called 'the socialist's Eton'.

    Unlike the current lot of new labour ministers.

  2. I think holland park went down the tubes in the 80's

  3. Agency supervisors east european, low pay and needing sorting out

    Didn't see anyone,from queues to register fron first day in ramsgate office.

    Typical from agency a text received around 11pm for 6 am start, did they treat east europeans the same, I'm sure they did.

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