Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thought for the day - “I’d rather lose you than Sky”

sky Mrs Me speaking on the news that our Sky plus box was back in working order.

Seeking clarification Mrs Me then responded “If push comes to shove.”

I must say on the plus side, things must have changed at Sky since I managed to get through to a person in under two minutes still it was eight this morning.

Still words will not do justice, to the sense of loss I’m experiencing as resetting the box to get it working again resulted in the loss of my “politics show” appearance but worst still, the last episode of series four of “the wire” and the first of series five (showing on BBC2).

Mrs Me was a bit miffed at losing some of Chelsea’s highs and lows but I’m sure I can live with that “ the greatest game Chelsea Liverpool”,  “Barcelona” I haven’t a clue what she’s on about.wire

PS The Wire is a much hyped up American TV drama but really is as good as critics say it is. Damn, when I’m rich again I shall invest in the DVD’s.

PPS Despite my recent attack on BBC regional programming I’ve not become an apologist for sky which for me, represents a monopoly allowed to flourish for favours done for the Labour party.


  1. I would rather have my own testicles fried and served up to me on a plate than watch Sky. And I'll have to disagree with you about The Wire too.

    Although speaking of crown jewels, since the cricket was handed over to Murdoch by a grateful government I really do miss the Ashes, especially as the current series has proved to be so nail-biting.

    Hmmm. Waiter! A plate of your finest deep fried testicles please!

  2. Mrs me is a wise, wise women, listen to her she, speaks the truth.