Friday, August 07, 2009

Your chance to bag a unique postcard by Emin, Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn and more…..

Just a reminder of the charity Art auction in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust on Saturday 8th '@ 4pm at the Margate Harbour Arm Gallery.

With more postcards than you can point a bucket and spade at, it will be tough to choose which of the 100 cards individually created especially for this charity event to bid on.

The auction will also notable since it will be the first time that Tracy Emin will have had work on show in Margate.

Click here to see the postcards

Click here to visit WWW.


  1. yes-really exiting just gonna go take apeep now

  2. Anon 7:23 anon 7:54 anon 10:02

    Im removing your comments because you make accusations about people you may or may not know.

    If you care to identify yourself in a clear way I might have considered allowing them to stay.

    It just seems malicious to attack people who are putting back into the community and of course cowardly under the anon tag

  3. You seem to have changed your original post too.

  4. 7 36 I frequently make changes to post to correct errors usually within an hour or so of posting

    I dont think this is the case with this post.

    It was a reminder of the charity event plain and simple.

    Not too clear on your point.

  5. I saw the posts you removed tony,and i think they had valid points.the whole event was based on the fact that the art was anonymous,also i cannot believe any other auction where people in the know are allowed to bid.It is fantastic that over £7000 was raised for charity and well done to all involved-but there still hangs a big "but"over the bidding for the emin piece.You have also in the past defended people's right to remain anon,so is it a case this time that everyone's entitled to your opinion?

  6. Big Butts aside 10:33 yes agreed some valid points were made, my point is this it seems rather mean spirited to take a pop at someone and do it behind anonymity, its one thing to maybe make a comment and wish to disguise your identity because its facutual or political and your jobs at risk.

    Making unsubstanciated comments about others and not using your own name is wrong

  7. Sorry if I am wrong Tony, but i seem to remember the tone of your original post was that everyone knew which piece was by Emin and that Fiona had a red face over it. Am I thinking of some other blog?

  8. that would be another blog although there was a comment not mine that made that suggestion