Friday, August 28, 2009

New Depths from Eastcliff?

passing offThe Eastcliff Richard website has (at the time of writing) in the comments section, of one of his recent postings, a comment purporting to come from “Bignews Margate”.

I’m sure that the creator of ECR would be aware that I do not post comments as “Bignews Margate” so why hasn’t he deleted it?.

Why was this elaborate hoax comment, added to his post just 15 minutes after it was published.

Just what the authors intentions are apart from dropping to a new low standard I don’t know.

Maybe the “Premier” blogger has some reason or agenda for not removing it.

I respect the authors anonymity and wonder what delusional games are in play here. If the author wishes to increase notoriety might I suggest they they do it without defaming me and betraying private conversations.

Anyway this is boring but since the author of Eastcliff Richard has the ability to defame me without the personal responsibility, what can I do?

Still mustn’t grumble, will now go and have a good old chortle at the almost funny “East of the Wantsum” (more attention) carton strip from that dangerous outsider (ECR)who’s now apparently established himself, as a bit of a lackey, over at the hard hitting no compromises Isle of Thanet Gazette , still wonder why I couldn’t find any coverage in Gazette over the Broadhurst attendance mix-up last week or anything else worth reading.

What a muppet.


  1. Tony your both fraggles although your stupid enough to use your own name

  2. Sad middle aged *uckers, Tony your shite and eastcliff I've heard gets his rocks off discreetly letting it be known who he is.

    What a pair of %ankers, still its likely that ECR made up the comment so why dont he just rmove it.

  3. ECR id thinkk is a bit of brown noser, ur right on the Gazette

  4. I used to have respect for ECR, but since he is happy to maintain a bogus posting, what can you say.

    I think the author of ECR is attempting to provoke a reaction why maybe to make himself more interesting.

    Since I've no trust for the author and since he refuses to delete what is a clearly bogus posting I'll no longer link to his website and I hope he reciprocates.

  5. If being honest is stupid 11:13 you've found your village idiot.

    11:48 Sad yes but at least here you might learn something the papers don't report.

  6. Not at the moment we won't. You're all too busy squabbling amongst yourselves.

  7. You're in danger of becoming as introspective and boring as The Thanet Star!

  8. 12:27 Well its difficult to know how to respond to a stream of defamatory statement and lies.

  9. The best thing to do is ignore them.