Saturday, August 08, 2009

More controversy over KCC’s business activities

Its clearly not just me, who has qualms about the sometime almost delusional attitude which seems to pervade county hall when it dabbles in the commercial world.

According to Kent online a report is due to be delivered to KCC from the Audit Commission into their controversial business activities.

I myself wonder, having requested details on the supposed savings made by Kent TV, only to find that although a projected figure is easily found, it might take a few weeks for them to actually give details, as to how these figures were arrived at, my own theory is that one of the top knobs, thought one million sounds good and so now council officers are I guess reverse engineering to substantiate that number.

Despite the councils “Backing Kent Business” campaign it seems some businesses are yet to be convinced like HR-GO who are furious that they have to compete with KCC.

One rather telling comment from the article, pointing to the counties relationship with the Audit Commission, referring to Jack Parkinson, Chairman of HR-GO this comment “He is concerned that KCC appear to have advance knowledge of the findings. “Why do they know all about it before it’s been issued?”.

Indeed some long time ago why when I wished to complain about KCC multi-million cock up over Turner gallery mark 1 why did I get referred to TDC auditor, makes you think.

Anyway if you’d like to know more click here for KM Report

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  1. It makes you wonder how KCC can set a £1 millions savings because of Kent TV. On KCC's own tourism link you are guided to either Explore Kent or Visit Kent web sites. Presumably both of these sites will reduce KCC's need to print brochures and the argument that the reduction is down entirely to Kent TV does not hold up.

    On KCC's commercial activities the main complaints are of unfair competition, whether this is the use of KCC's buildings at low rates and KCC's advantage when companies tender against a KCC commercial company for KCC's business.
    I complained about KCC's Landscapes services poor grass cutting schedule and quality last year. It was so bad the contractor should have lost the contract. But it was a KCC business and to make sure they could be paid they were grass cutting in the rain, frost and even snow all through the winter. Nobody cuts grass at times like this. Was that fair?
    Its obvious that the public's perception is that something underhand is taken place.
    This is not the first time the publics perception of KCC wrong doings has mentioned!
    KCC should not put itself in this position.