Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Its been a few days since I posted, I would have earlier but my apple (iphone) ate my profound thoughts on what was the most marvellous brilliant and significant event in a long time for my family.

The long and short of it, is that Me and Mrs Me are now very proud grandparents, I’m not sure whether I will be gramps grandad or what, frankly it doesn’t matter.

Our grand daughter arrived Saturday morning a few days later than expected, myself and Mrs Me just happened to be close by the Maternity when she arrived.

Although I always look like a miserable old git, I cannot tell you how happy and proud, I am at this time and what a privilege it is to be a grand parent of such a marvellous baby, who incidentally not only smiled but also winked at her grandad (cynics might say that is just some random expression, not so).

Me and Mrs Me left the house last Saturday Morning as parents and returned as grandparents a true landmark in our lives.

I’m proud of both of our children and its great to see the next generation of family, our beautiful granddaughter is lucky to have such wonderful parents.

I don’t as a rule mention family, so I’ll leave the subject now although I still just remember the great joy and responsibility of becoming a parent, fortunately my kids seem to have done alright for which I take no credit as many blokes do, despite knowing every thing, I delegated to mum.

Still I hope I don’t turn out like one of those clich├ęd or caricatured grandads’ a sort grumpy old man who’s opinionated and speaks out at inappropriate times/situations and is generally embarrassing.


  1. Yay, congrats, ankle-biters that you can give back when they start getting grumpy are the greatest. You are in line for sooooo much fun

  2. Congratulations Tony, a mile stone in your life

  3. Thanks for your kind words, anon, MB, KG, and PC, I must admit I'm looking forward to taking out our grandchild and handing back, a real milestone, I'm just thinking that my grand daughter will see a future I wont,Its a daunting task bringing up a baby for parents, still they'll enjoy.

    My grand child was announced on my birthday last year and I have to say it was the best present I ever had.

    Anyhow enough of that I shall be back with the usual gripes shortly.

    And apologies to family for mentioning them on the blog.