Monday, November 08, 2010

East Kent not entitled to decent TV reception says Tory Boy Ed Vaizey

Laura  Sandys, fails her first big test, as many of us appreciate local MP's have been a big disappointment here in Thanet, North and South, according to the Kent News Ed Vaizey Minister with responsibilities for vaguely defined cultural stuff, has responded to Thanet South's MP's attempt to get some commitment to improved television transmission, with the opinion that there is "no absolute right to TV coverage.

As I understand it, clear strong transmissions of television programmes here may interfere with France, for me this is not a problem since, the French have never given a toss for the impact of its frequent blockades of Channel ports and the resulting carnage on Kent's motorways, and purely on humanitarian grounds imagine the joy French citizens would experience, being entertained with quality programming like X factor, Come Dancing and Jeremy Kyle.

Finally on a purely financial level, why after years paying our licence fee and subsidising foreign language broadcasting like welsh, Celtic etc.  and now paying for government propaganda BBC World Service,  should we be expected to shell out in addition to the near hundred and fifty a year, for an antenna the size of Joderall Bank to receive digital broadcasts.


  1. No mention of Corrie, a classic tonight, with the all to brief, resurrection of Vera Duckworth and departure of Jack.

    Your right the French would love proper culture.

    If we have no right to receive a TV signal, then surely we should not pay tax to the BBC

  2. I think the french have as much, if not more, culture as we have in the UK. What amuses me about television reception is how vulnerable the satellite signal is. A tree has grown (more) in between my dish and the satellite signal, with the result that my screen is now blank. You would have thought with robust modern technology...

  3. Why not put the TV transmitter and antennas in France and beam the signal back to the UK.

  4. He is right no one should have to endure this rubbish being transmitted into their homes nothing but government propaganda designed to keep you dumbed down

    bbc should be paying us

    save money turn it off and start thinking for yourself

  5. I hardly think the BBC can be accused of transmitting government propoganda, Anon 4:46, leastways not since May! I would, however, agree with you that most of the programmes are rubbish and so reception is not vital. Indeed, were the quality better I might not spend so much time writing on blogs.

  6. Tv reception fine here on the south of the island. Maybe it's all those eastern euros in cliftonville with dishes the size of bigfoots wheels interfering with your last of the summer wine viewing Tony!

  7. My tellie works fine but my arm gets a little tired holding the Aerial out of the window not to mention the pigeons . I must defend the BBC I had this conversation this afternoon and my mate Phil recons on the bbc you get an hour of a tv proggrame and on ITV about 45 minutes thats why I try and watch BBC cos I hate adverts. If I want new glasses I go to specsavers and if I want insurance I go to my local brokers and my gut loves me cos I eat probiotic yogurt.